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In starting, the packet of papers is removed from the pocket and two are taken, the packet being replaced. One is handed to a spectator with the request that he write the name of some dead friend or relative and then fold it as it was before. The other piece of paper is left on the table and the. performer turns back and walks away while the first slip is being written.

At this time he secures the thumb tip containing dummy on the right thumb and when he returns, picks up with the right hand the paper he left on the table. With the left hand he takes the dead name slip from the spectator and at the same time hands him the slip in the right hand with the request that he now write down some particular year, for instance, some year in which he and the dead party were closely connected, or perhaps his birth year or year of death.

As he gives these instructions, the performer has the dead slip on his left palm and the thumb tip containing the dummy on his right thumb. He puts the right thumb onto slip on left palm, the left fingers close around it and the right thumb comes out apparently with the paper which is tossed onto the table. Actually, however, the dummy is drawn from the tip instead while the dead slip remains in the left palm under the tip. Left hand drops to side and the performer turns and walks away again while the date slip is written. This switch is smooth and clean. It shouldn't be watched or accentuated, but is done as a matter of course while explaining the procedure with the second slip.

Now, while the second slip is being written, the performer with his back turned quickly reads the dead slip, refblds and holds it in the same position in the left hand under the tip upon return.

Picking up the dummy from the table (apparently the dead name) he asks the spectator into which of his pockets he would like to keep it, and at the same time apparently puts it into the left hand which opens and holds it on palm. Actually it was put back into the thumb tip and the spectator picks up the real dead slip and pockets it. The performer now has the tip on his right thumb again with the dummy inside.

The left hand now picks up the date slip which the spectator had placed on the table and once more the switch is made as at first and

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