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Effect: The performer exhibits four colored balloons on a small tray. A spectator who will act as an assistant is requested to select one of these after which it is inflated by blowing air into it. A tape ribbon is tied securely around the neck to keep it so. Another spectator selects a card, a corner is torn from it for the spectator to hold, and the remainder of the card vanished. The balloon is bursted and the selected card found inside. The corner being held by the spectator fits.

Operation: You will need an ordinary deck of cards with one duplicate. Four colored OPAQUE balloons, a straight pin or two, a piece of tape ribbon and a little tray complete the necessaries. Tear a corner from one of your duplicate cards and place it in your pocket where it can be easily reached during the course of the effect. This card, minus the corner, is rolled and inserted through the neck of the balloon, after which it is straightened out inside. The other three balloons are unprepared. Put the balloons in a line across tray so that the balloon containing the card is second from your left while holding tray in front. Place the tray on a nearby chair or table.

Presentation: Force the balloon containing the card with this subtle method. State that you have four toy balloons and that one will be selected for the experiment. Ask spectator for a number from one to four. (Don't say "between one and four"). They will generally say 'two' or 'three' regardless, and it sounds more logical. Let us assume they have chosen 'three'. Step to table, pick up tray, walk to spectator and have him count to the third one in the usual fashion from left to right. If they say 'two' it is there also because it's all in the way you pick up the tray. It is picked up AFTER the number is given and can therefore be picked up either by front or back to bring the right balloon in the right position. The chosen balloon is blown up by performer and tied by the spectator. He holds the end of the ribbon with the balloon dangling for all to see.

You now force the duplicate card from pack. Drop pack in pocket and secure the corner there. Take card, tear off the corner, and drop your corner into his hand. Fold the card over and over (incidentally folding up the genuine corner with it) and vanish it. A nice way is with a cigarette vanisher after rolling the card the long way, or one may use a double handkerchief.

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