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to my sometimes perverse way of thinking, this la the best and cleanest way of presenting a newspaper test yet conceived. The method for securing the numbers which In turn are used to indicate a column and ad is most disarming and highly original. In book tests and effects of tals nature I have always objected to the introduction of outside and otaerwlse foreign object such as cards, dice, counters, numbered papers and whatnot that Immediately gave the effect an air of preparedness and trickery.

In tne case at hand there is nothing ever seen by the audience except the newspaper and it becomes a means unto itself. That is what gives the entire stunt a veritable air of nonchalance and fairness.

The other lmDortant point is the ease wltn which it may be done and tne fact that the performer has little to get ready, rle can purchase a paper on the way to his engagement and use it with but two minutes of perusal. Or, If desired to perform the feat impromptu, he may use a paper at hand with no more than two minutes of time In preparation, rrofesslonals appreciate greatly such a point as this.

In effect a copy or tne dally newspaper is shown and the performer 3tates he will try a feat of telepathy in conjunction with the want or classified advertising. The paper is opened and one page of these classified ads Is torn out, it oeing given a member of the audience to hold, tne performer says he is in need of a method tor having one of the many ads selected In an open and obviously fair manner. So saying, he holds the newspaper In front of him and with one motion tears off the upper right oorner of the entire paper. This Includes all the pages and also Includes, to which he oalls attention, all the numbered corners of the paper.

Laying the paper aside the packet of corners is tossed Into a borrowed hat or oowl and mixed .veil by anyone. The performer asks this person to reach In without looking, to select Just one of the corners, crumple It up small and drop It on his (performer's) hand. The performer hands It directly to the person holding the torn out page and walk3 to a far corner of the room. This person la told to look at the selected corner. On both sides of this corner will be a number. They are to select either number and use that to count across the page to a column. Then they are to use the other number and count down that column to an Individual ad. They are to concentrate upon the wording and subject matter of this ad and call to the performer when ready. He returns and effectively reveals what the ad Is all about even if not able to give the wording In Its' exact form.

The effect never falls to win applause and a lot of wonder through Its' directness. The method Is as direct. Previously the performer has torn out a corner it being for Instance tne corner bearing the page numbers 5 and 6. Turning to the Page tnat he will remove later and which contains nothing but classified ads, he reads the sixth ad in column five and the fifth ad in column six. Tne main thing Is merely to know what it Is about and not bother to learn It word for word.

In his pocket he carries the well known and respeoted thumb tip. Into this he puts this stolen oorner after crumpling it up. Now the effect prooeeds as described. The corner selected by spectator mixing the pieces is placed on performer's outstretched left palm while right has secured tip on thumb. In going to person with page the- right thumb is placed on left palm and paper, left fingers olose and thumb oomes from hand with the stolen slip from tip and this Is handed spectator as left hand pockets the tip and other corner while performer walks away He Enow^hi?» spectator from a distance while tne counting Is done and therefore knows which of tne two ads has been selected. Newspapers have oolumns on both sides of tne page and both sides line up with each other. The mystery Is over and a few or great many more people have been mystified.


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