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in Ms magazine. Therefore I fear for his 'grievance1 policy. The Jinx takes no ads. We are free to say what we please. We can win renown If we are on the right patb, and if otherwise, our circulation will convince us that we are wrong. Let us hope that 'THE TOPS' has a successful existence for the sake of good magic, if only because of its excellent array of contributors*

Something's wrong somewhere. Burling sent me a couple of letters and because I couldn't see straight after reading them, I ordered any more returned. —My dear Annemann: I am appending this little private note to my other which you might want to print— (What do you mean note? This one is two full pages and the one I did use was more than I promised.) —No Stage Magic was NOT seven years late, but like the Edison Talking pictures, Television National Broadcast and MANY, MANY OTHER projects, it was announced, started and then withdrawn because X could not find time to produce it on the scale I desired.— (You're still pretty busy, aren't you?) —there was no reason for any competition between our publications. Certainly mine has in no way slowed yours up, it has in reviews commended your Jinx and your own ability.—(I'll give a life subscription to The Jinx if you can show my name or that of The Jinx in any issue of Stage Magic to date.)

Burling, as far as I'm concerned my only dislikes of a great degree in magic are against those who advertise something they haven't got and don't produce. For two months (Oct-Nov) you promised a picture of your new shop in The Sphinx ad. In December you promised it again but in your catalogue. (Nice plug?) And I'm not kidding when I say I'll give you another life subscription if you'll just print the address of the shop under the picture. I don't mean a box number either, for I'm old enough to know you can't keep it in one of those little things. I've used up enough space so shall go into my dance and finale:-

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