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button. (See diagram). Fold the ribbon, up and conceal it behind the right coat lapel where it is held in position with a pin. Treat a blue ribbon in the same way but conceal it folded in a vest pocket. Behind coat lapel on the right side must be a little pocket, a kind of servante easily accessible. The blue ribbon is in vest pocket for emergency as it should not be difficult to persuade a choice of yellow ribbon. A pair of scissors are stuck in vest pocket on the right side. In breast pocket is a piece of flash paper and behind it a parcel of flash paper in which is a duplicate of yellow ribbon.

We are now ready; break off a length of yellow ribbon and bundle it up in the right hand. The exchange for a threaded ribbon is really simple but very subtle. The right hand takes hold of coat near lapel and holds it aside while your left hand takes out the scissors. It is in this misdirecting move that you leave the real ribbon behind, in the servente behind lapel, and exchange for the duplicate threaded ribbon.

Allow the ribbon to unroll and engage the middle finger in the thread. The ribbon now hangs in space apparently mesmerized by the mysterious passes made by the right hand above. Cut the ribbon in half across taking care to miss the thread. The bottom half of ribbon falls but is still held by thread. Cover this fall with the left hand. To cause the pieces to float together just slide the right hand along the thread and push the top half of ribbon down the thread until it touches the other half.

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