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eut and restored ribbon effects are legion, and their many methods are ingenious, but that which follows here should find favor because of its cleanness in operation and close-up perfection.

The performer gives an onlooker a piece of baby ribbon (silk) about 3/8 in. wide and 1 yd. long. At one end is attached a little paper tab. After examination the spectator is asked to cut the ribbon into four about equal parts and tie them together with hard,small knots. The performer next takes the ribbon and, with hands seen otherwise empty, winds it around his thumb until the tab is reached. The spectator is asked to out his initials on the tab for'' later identification, for, says the performer, he doesn't want it suggested that he has exchanged the original ribbon for another.

The spectator holds on to the tab and the performer labors through a bit of jargon half under his breath. The spectator unwinds the marked ribbon, and lo, all is restored and may be kept as a souvenir of a very miraculous occasion seldom given to unbelievers.

This is one time when it can be written quite safely that the reader has the necessary apparatus in his kit bag, and yet not be truthful because the thumb tip used is oversize. It is a trick depending upon one beautifully simple and subtle action. The duplicate ribbon first is wrapped tightly around thumb with tab on top. The tip is " placed over this. Here is a good reason for really hand-painting your tip to make it look as real as can be, even in some cases, as A1 Baker has said, to making a black line under the nail. A pencil stub is in a side pocket. After the ribbon has been cut and tied it is wound around the thumb until tab is reached and the subtlety takes place. Holding the tab you say, "Please initial this end of the ribbon." If now you draw thumb tip off, the good ribbon with tab will come into view and unravel for about six inches as if you just let it go and held out your hand. The hand with the removed tip has gone immediately to the pocket and secured the pencil for the marking, leaving the gimmick behind. The spectator finishes the effect himself. V/hen a more direct method comes along \this version should be


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