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DO YOU HAVE IT? X mean "EN RAPPORT", the sequel to "A Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine." That book had a most successful sale In the magical markets, because it filled an eternal need. Almost everyone has trouble arranging their routines, and correctly presenting the tricks they know. The book gave in detail, not only new and unusual tricks, but had then arranged in the best order for effectiveness. With a few evenings of study, you had a complete act from start to finish. Such a buy could never help but be of great value.

"EM RAPPORT" has followed those lines with material never before printed or released. Having been presented before private parties,banquets, clubs, and practically all representative types of gatherings, this forty-minute act which is possible with a minimum of "getting-ready", has undergone that necessary test period which makes for practical performing,

"EM RAPPORT" is worth far mors than a price of two dollars to any person who uses, but once, the material contained within. It's not a book from which you get one usable trick. It is really a book from which you g?t a complete and usable act.

Send two dollars NOW,for your copy of "EN RAPPORT," to your own favorite magical emporium, anywhere in the world; or send direct to Theo. Annemann, tfaverly, New York, U.S.A., and the return mall will bring you something you can turn into immediate arid profitable use.

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