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SIDE. When both have been shown, take the bunch from the .spectator and lay them aside in the same manner. Spotting the top card of this packet, you know the identity of the first spectator's card when you start drawing oil the other (list side) side of the slate. Arrange this sketch with heavy lines so that it blocks out the list. I doubt if a cleaner method of duplicating pictures can be devised for one person. From the viewpoint of the audience it is convincing and more than lair in every way.

Last Minute Notes

And now to pick up a few loose strings. When setting the act take ten stacked cards from one of the decks and put them in the clip for the Lie Detective stunt. Take the same ten cards from the other deck and discard. Thus the two decks are alike for the Sympathy test. The spectator handling the cards may know they aren't all there, but no one else will, and the cards seen are all different so it doesn't make any difference.

For the Coercion test use only the name of a card and a number. I have eliminated the color part as I wanted to keep apparatus in this routine to a minimum. Have the card to be used edge marked at both ends in both decks so that you can get to it immediately when needed.

For the Immortality effect use the side of the slate not keyed with the drawings for the closing trick. An idea that just came to mind would be for those who do this last effect regularly and might want to have the cards printed. Your name and address could be on the back so at the finish, the packet could be tossed into the audience, and their chosen sketches left with the ones assisting. I think that's about all. The whole act costs about $3.00.

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