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very magician desires an effect which he can Ju perform with people all around him — something which requires no gimmick or fake — and something that won't allow of detection, visibly.

The present day night club entertainers will find this secret invaluable, and it will be a boon to those magi of the semi-professional field who dote on close-up mysteries.

First let me tell you how the idea started. About eighteen years ago I saw an Indian magician fill a brass bowl with rice. He dug a knife into that rice and suspended the bowl and its contents from the end of the blade.

I have never seen anyone else do it. I have never seen it done since. Evidently it is one of those rare tricks of the Indian magician who relies upon little known natural facts to accomplish his aim in life. Exactly what he did I do not know. From watching him do the trick, however, I was inspired to try the same, and, loJ Natural causes helped me to success.

Get a small, straight side jar. An empty Kruschen Salt jar will serve our purpose. Fill the jar with rice. As the contents are.poured in tap the bottom of the jar against the table. Let the rice fill the jar right to the brim.

Next take an ordinary table knife and dig it into the jar. First let it go a quarter of the way in — then half way in — and finally allow the,blade to go as far as possible. AND NOW, If you raise the knife by the handle you'll be surprised and highly elated to discover that the jar comes up with it. In this state you walk about without the slightest danger of the jar dropping away. After practice, and once that you have learned assurance, the jar can be swung to and fro without danger of disaster.

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