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In the pile of eleven cards.

The performer now has the lady count down to the seventh oard, plaoe it faoe down, and then has her toss the other ten cards high Into the air for luok (at this moment switch the tissue ball for the one prepared.), and then set the paper ball on top of the ohosen oard. Light a bit of flash paper to imitate the lightning flash, and bring the trick to a conclusion.

In the oenter of the duplicate napkin the outline of a oard is made with the blue pencil and the 4D spots are put in with the red penoll. It Is a good idea to Jot down the numbers 7 and 11 at the corners of the outline made by the spectator. You do this, and mention that these two numbers always fere narked down by the old witch when she wanted the spirits to give her a sign. Niurally you have made up your duplicate to coincide with this, and the audience will be sure to remember such little details afterwards.

Other patter suggestions: Make special mention of the fact that the difference between the numbers 7 and 11 is 4. And that the old wltoh believed four to be the luckiest number of all. Say that red and blue are the lucky colors. That the blood of a bat was used to write the red colors. That blue-berry juice was used by the witch for the blue colors. That the quill of a porcupine was used by the witch for writing. At the conclusion give the girl the paper with the card outline upon it for a souvenir. Tell her, with clear conscience, that it will be her "good luok cham" for life.

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