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Editriviette Is a quite proper name for this short space filler. There isn't much in the way of news after the monthly issues are put together. We have to concentrate a little on the tricks.

L. Vosburgh Lyons rather dominates things herein with a beautifully natural bill switch Which wouldn't have taken much room had he not wanted to reveal a trick. The trick, as you will discover, is one made possible by the exchange, and an item I have proven seaworthy several times over. It would be appreciated very much if those who make use of it will let me hear of their opinion.

For over a year I've thought about the inclusion of Charley Jordan's Ultimo instructions in full. It's not an easy deck to make up, but I did it, and knew that I had something the others didn't have. However, I did want to have it on record otherwise the secret, now extremely scarce, would have been lost beyond recall.

Don't skim lightly over Charles Nyquist's story of Pierre Keeler and his "control." The "trick" part is awfully clever and should be put to use for better purposes than heretofore. Now go ahead and wander through the pages.

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