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2 a "no card" mystery act

2 a "no card" mystery act

Imitation rubber ice cream.

2 pin tumbler padlocks.

1 key for each lock.

8 similiar keys not fitting.

Packet of No. 2 Drug envelopes.

Some very small glass beads.

Seamstress gimicks and handkerchiefs as per instructions. These can be made up or purchased from Max Holden, who manufactured a professional outfit after Jinx publication of the trick.

One two sided blackboard as described.

One handkerchief to be used as a blindfold.

Suggested opening—"Ladies and Gentlemen: It is my desire to present for your entertainment, a series of experiments based upon secret knowledge handed down from the days when people doing similar things were looked upon as disciples of the devil and either burned at the stake or hung from a gibbet.

I trust that present day enlightenment will prevent such an occurrence tonight, for we have found that such things are accomplished by material means, and serve as entertainment through allowing your minds to wander in a land of make believe.

Regarding my later experiments of telepathy and psychic sense, I want to impress upon you that such tests are to-day taken seriously by leading universities where the erudite are studying the mind and its forces from all scientific angles."

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