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10 "no code" telepathy

10 "no code" telepathy on the table, he asks that the card be returned to any spot, the deck edges squared, and cards held by the selector. Then he leaves the room.

The medium returns, spreads the deck face up on the table and after 'the business' picks out the card. And now the medium knows the three number combination that gives her almost the exact spot where the article is hidden. She walks aimlessly around the room and gradually works into position to locate the object. Then, knowing who the owner of the article is, it is returned after another walk around the room. Whereupon the performer is called back to rejoice, and highballs are in order.

The effect is excellent subterfuge. The only thing that is ever remembered is the location of the object and the return of it to the owner. The use of the cards is incidental, and the card selection accepted as a fill in, and a use for them after the first part. You will find that they are forgotten immediately afterwards and the article business discussed all by itself.

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