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Ye editor fell in the water during the past month so is now learning to swim. Prank Dodd, that genial secretary of the New York Metropolitan Opera House, gave a day's outing and free-forall picnic on his "Mlllfield" estate in Babylon, N.Y., for the local magi, over 70 of whom made their appearance. Other journals have described the perfect time had by all and the nice program that was given in the early evening on the spacious verandah. This scribbler couldn't resist a 10:00 P.M. invitation of Carey Dodd's to participate in a sail on his thirty footer but regretted having to climax it all by falling overboard somewhere out on the ocean, or so it seemed. I have put the bill for a new suit on The Jinx expense account, so please ask your fi>iends if they are subscribers, and if not, to see about it.

I mustn't forget to mention that Bill Larson has done a wonderful job with the first issue of The Genii, the new West coast contribution to the monthly magical field. Incidentally, his placing of bets on Gravatt in the discussed Gravatt-Annemann cuffing and sloughing match is treason when it comes to ethics. So what? If I get the worst of it, it won't be the first time that the wrong side has triumphed. And I will have stood up for what I believe is right. To get back to the magazine though, I marvel at the makeup and contents. Larson Is a staunch disciple of Doctor Wilson's and the first issue of The Genii looks as though it could give good battle to the magazine he editorially calls "Harper Bazarrish" and admits that it is "beyond us, both in station of life and understanding."

Last month I mentioned that a reader's copy was chewed up by his dog and had to be replaced. Some dear friend sent me an anonymous postcard with the witticism "maybe the dog liked the sheet because of the bologna in it." I'm begin-ing to think my anonymous friend is right because of the next paragraph and what is on Page 156. I let myself in for it though, and promise that it won't happen again.

Nearly a year ago Glenn Gravatt put out the mimeographed book which could be anchored in the south seas and put on maritime maps as "Pirate's Paradise." Shortly afterward, a copy of the piracy was put out by "Fairplay Publishers." It was to be in five volumes. The rumor spread that Burling Hull was "Fairplay Publishers," I believe partly because they used the same address of 507 Fifth Avenue as did Burling a few years back under the name of "De Luxe." I wrote Burling on July 21st and said that it would be only fair to print his statement in regards to the rumor so that he could be on record. On August 23rd he answered with three solid pages. The only thing I wanted was the postscript. The rest is merely a barrage against Gravatt and an ad for "Fairplay," and withal, Burling doesn't mention that they produced only one book of the five and left the subscribers "hung up" for the others. And he downright insults me by leaving my name out of the six he mentions having had material stolen from them (unless I'm an etc., etc.,). He even doesn't seem to want to give me credit for having more tricks taken from my publications than all of the others mentioned together. My space Is growing small and I must have sweeter paragraphs to follow this one. I have written this much and wasted an entire page with the letter. I've already spanked Mr. Gravatt and I've yet to meet

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anyone who didn't deplore the action if not the book. The "steal" of Mr. Gravatt's "piracy" would have better In size and format but it flopped because the "publishers" couldn't put it all out at one time. Burling denies having anything to do with it. That was all I asked for. I still say I'm going to find out who was back of Fairplay Publishers. I detest anonymous writers.-----Thank the Lord that paragraph Is over.

Paul Duke had his handwriting analysed last month. He wrote Shirley Spencer that he was "on the fence" as to her science. She retaliated by telling him that the formation of .his "y" indicated stubbornness and an unyielding nature. Then she said that the Inflated oapitals of his signature meant he had a well-developed ego. She also said that his confidence comes from his power over physical things. If she means cigarette and handkerchief manipulation, I'll O.K. the whole thing. Paul is now at the Palm Room in the Hotel Commodore in New York.

According to Winchell, "Gall-Gall, that magician, with the swift line of blab, and amazing stunts, is better than ever at the Versailles, New York." --- Cardlni is still at

Ben Marden's Riviera. He's as good an example as any that a class act doesn't have to let managers make a "mop" of them as per the next paragraph.

Magicians playing night clubs in connection with hotels are just making it tougher for themselves and others when they let themselves in for plenty of "extra" work. The hotels now expect a magician to do everything but clean up the place In the morning. One place In particular hires the magus for three shows per night on the floor. He gets In and gets settled. Then he is told to get up at ten In the morning (after working well Into wee ayem hours) and do a show each day for the kiddies In the hotel playroom. Between evening shows he has to appear at any benefit In town or party in the hostelry. Then he is supposed to work the tables between shows when the schedule doesn't call for aitything else. And to top this, one Tell known even ushered guests to their tables between performances I

Now I'm not saying that a person can't do what they are willing to do in order to work, but I do know that most of them positively don't like it and besides, even the acrobats on the bill aren't asked to do more than their act. One Jiagician recently went into such a place and found out that all of the above was expected -because the ones there before had let themselves in for it rather (I presume) than take the chance of losing the Job. This fellow said "NO" very loudly — and got away with It!

Charles Blake came to town from Kentucky and went into the Normandie Club featuring, among other things, the card in the loaf of bread. He also does card table tricks at the Madison Hotel during the daily cocktail free-for-all. He closed at the Normandie and then went back when the patrons kept asking about him. --- Dr. Jacob Daley went on a fishing trip to Canada and in one of those Isolated towns met a fellow who knew about "slick aces" and was using the knowledge to beat the local card players. When asked how he knew of the principle he told of a movie short he had seen which exposed gambling tricks and explained how to make "slick" cards! Page Mr. Zingone!!

Special bulletin for all magic clubs. The Robert Houdin Club, of Albany, N.Y. PAYS for their magical entertainment! Each member takes three tickets at 40 cents each. A professional is then engaged (direct) for that evening to present his show. The minimum fee paid is $25, which in many cases is about five times what some will work for, and they can hire magi from quite a little distance _away. For October 8th, William R. Viilliston is "the entertainer, followed in November by a1 Baker.

From Variety - Berlin. Reichsfachschaft Deutscher Artistik (Vaude Performers' Union) issues a warning to illusionists about exposing magic tricks before audiences. Threatens them with expulsion, which means no more work in the Fatherland. Says nothing about exposes in dailies and periodicals, which are a feature in many illustrated papers here. --- That's a right step. If the magical societies in this country would tie-up with theatrical unions as the muscians, stage hands, ushers, electricians, etc., have done, they could put teeth in their expose rules. Expulsion from the society would REALLi HURT the performer. However, anything like that over here is not to be expected.

No. 2224 Monroe Street, Toledo, Ohio is haunt-edll And no wonderl Bob Gysel's father built it in 1892. Around 1906 (after Houdinl had visited there) steps on the back stairs were heard after deaths in the near family. Houdini's picture fell from the wall here too and Gysel made the Toledo papers with the story before Houdini's death a few days later. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lady Doyle spent an evening there with Bob's grandmother trying to explain things. Later the house was sold to the Boyer Mortuary and Al Saal was head man. Now the queer things have started again and the house was front page featured by the Toledo News-Bee recently. Maybe Dunninger can lay the ghost. At any rate, I'd like to be a mouse when and If Gysel and Dunninger ever get within a mile of each other.

Harry Blackstone had NICE publicity with the Gillette Razor advertising. I wonder if it didn't make him feel more proud than did the roto exposes? He closed at the State-Lake in Chicago and planed into Boston for the tie-up. —- The thought for the moment is that "Silent Mora", of Boston, has a news clip dated around 1790 in which there is an argument by a magician about exposing. Is there nothing new? --- Bernard Ernst is back in his office now, and I know everybody is sincere in hoping he'll be back at the regular S.A.M. meetings when they start in

October. --- I see where the papers say that it's an unwritten rule among employees and guests that the subject of death is never mentioned in the presence of William Randolph Hearst. That will make it tough for any magus who tries for an engagement for him and depends on slate messages and a living and dead test.

The Midwest Magical Society has made The Jinx their official organ and subscribed in a body. They first met in Grand Island, Nebraska on June 3, 1934 and have been meeting at the homes of members on the 3rd Sunday of each month. In August of this year, they held their annual outing and picnic with show, and had a nice turnout with magic lovers from much of the surrounding country in attendance. About 500 of the townspeople attended the show. Mr. F.A.Coe is President, Roscoe Gaylord and Dr. H.V.Nothomb are Vice Presidents and L.E. Swallow is the scribbler and money holder. They just removed Blackstone from their roster of membership because of the expose series mentioned here before, and I admire the sentiment expressed in that move and their lack of interest in whether or not an exposer is "somebody'1 or "nobody."

William "Genii" Larsen has sent me hl3 program and routines as garnered from The Jinx. I will present his conception of good magic (his words) next month. --- The Newark Ledger ran a series of articles about "The Mahatmas of New Jersey." Those given nice daily write-ups with pictures were Max Thlel, James McKnight, Jerome Van Brakle, Cardini (not from N.J. but interviewed in his automobile trailer home which was parked in a grove at Englewood Cliffs), Virgil Anjos and Daniel Piniazik. All very much human interest stuff - no exposing.

Dr. Gordon Peck, N.Y. Dem. runnee for Assembly sent me pencils he had made up according to the routine suggested on Page 142 of Jinx No 23.

I hope It gets him a few votes. --- That gives me another brain whirl. In the elections where marked ballots are still used, a candidate could give away sharpened pencils with the wordage,

Keep this pencil until ---- and use it to mark an X for ---. That's a free Idea for any other magician in politics. --- Fred Rothenberg of

New York took a tricky fish pole along on his annual sojourn at Thousand Islands, and all of a sudden started catching fish out of the air for the guide, who, at last report Is still jumping from Island to island on his ear.---Ho.

3 Jinx is out of print although the dealers have a few and there are some complete files still available. I am gratified to see complete files going out because if one wants them, now is the time to get them before we get up to

Jinx No. 1000. (PhewI)---Seen around The

Jinx Headquarters during the month were Frank Ducrot, Jud3on Cole, Dr. Jacob Daley, William Hewitt, Dave Allison, Harry Dreilinger, Keith Clarke, Stuart Jules, Al Baker, Ted Arnold, Dr. L. Vosburgh Lyons, Nate Lelpsig, Irving Desfors, Charles Blake, Silent Mora, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Felsman, William R. Wllllston, Forest Chesbro, and U. F. Grant. We're getting popular. And after all these years, too. .

| THE MODERN EYE-POPPER. (Dick Madden)~|

Performers who have used the effect of a card being placed second from where it jumps to the top will like this really new version which takes away the necessity of much skill.

It is necessary only to have a short card in the deck, a short card made by trimming across the entire end of one card about one-thirty-see-ond of an inch. Have it on the bottom and thife usual card selected. The noted card is then returned to top of deck which is undercut, effectively burying it. Another cut and a riffle shuffle at the ends can be given as, with thumbs at ends, the short card will not be separated from above that selected. Now riffle and cut deck so short card is at top. Selected card is second.

Say that you have located the card because by Its strange power it always comes to the top. With the right thumb at one end and second finger at front, lift the top (?) card and show it. Really though, the second card is picked up and the short card is with it I Don't try to pick up two cards, Try to pick up the top one and the two will come up together. Still holding the selected and found card with right finger and thumb, use its left long edge to flip over the top card of deck which left thumb pushes out a little. Call attention to this one, which apparently Is the second card of deck. Flip it back face down and drop right hand card on top. Now slide top card back a little, slide out the second card and place on top. Pick up by the ends as before (only the one card will come up this time) and It is the chosen card back on top! Put this down for a second and look to see if the second card on deck is the same as before. Lift (turn to page 158)

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