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i "no code" telepathy

A deck of cards (this may be borrowed)

Three unused letter envelopes (may be borrowed)

Small table and chair

Three books or novels (borrow)

A regulation thumb writer

A blank business card with lump of wax on back Pocket handkerchief large enough for blindfold

Suggested opening—"Ladies and Gentlemen: Telepathy, or what is more commonly known as mind reading, has become, of late years, a serious study in the laboratories of many famous scientists and researchers. A concensus of their opinions show that-there is something to it, and when such men become interested in the unexplainable, they never rest until every lane of knowledge on that subject has been explored.

To-night, it is with pleasure that I present a few mental oddities with the co-operation of my partner-. We place these experiments before you to think of as you will. As a poet does with his verse, we have found it necessary, at times, to take liberties and license with otherwise scientific facts and principles, but we do so as entertainers who are playing a part.

So, with-, I offer tests which should prove beyond reasonable doubt that there is such a thing as two minds with but a single thought."

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