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The Jinx - Issue of October 12, 1940

We're going home in the spring. For thirteen years we've existed In New York City, the last five at the same address. Our Waverly, N.Y. spot for nail was kept, since that first advertisement In The Sphinx about fifteen years ago, beoause It was easily remembered and also because we sort of expected to return there one day. Countless times we've explained why we were living 200 miles from the mall deposit box. Countless times we'll probably wish we were back amohg our friends to "talk tricks" "do tricks" and ask "Who's in town?" It's a little plaoe, as places go in that territory. Our 66 acres of woods and flat-lands look mighty small, neighbor, (X can't say "pardner" until I get west of the Mississippi) beside the next hill and lowland site which takes in "roughly" 350 seres. However, we like our "plot" and intend making the plaoe a "Do Come In" haven for anyone who wants to talk tricks and discuss the betterment of magic.

The Jinx (awi/or The Sphinx) won't suffer. N.Y.C. is but six hours away by choo-choo cars. We'll go 'to town* once in a while to see the Dante show, which will probably he available. The magic boys we've been away from for so long C8n drive In for a fried chicken (raised and plucked between Jinx Issues) orgy and, at last, a siesta sort of mystical melange that conditions have kept me from really enjoying for too long a time —- to end a lousily written tho happily phrased sentence. To Jinx readers I can toot ask,"Come up and watch the grass grow.

The dream of the future must end for the moment (until spring! Tra-lal Ed.). The Dante show stays at the N.Y. Morosco until Oct. 20, at least. From there it is said that another theatre will house the production which has upset tradition in magic by playing Broadway on a "stay here" basis. It looks like a continuous run until and through the Xmas season, but do not take our word for it and plan that far ahead. We speak only for the deadline mentioned. See It NOW if you are within magically inolined distance.

Lest we forget the master publicist who made his name and "magic" synonymous, this coming Hallowe'en (Oct.31,1940) Is a good time to perpetuate his memory by writing up an article about our Art for YOUR local paper. Sell the story by first telling the reporter or editor (the latter 13 the best person to first approaoh) that It is Houdini's death anniversary. Tell him next about Houdini's fight against frauds and fakers in the realm of Spiritualism* Give him an Instance of Houdini's prowess and sagacity. Takfc it from any one of Houdini's biographies no1" available —- or use your imagination. THEN tell the listener that you are giving a local show (or benefit) on that night at which time you'll try to duplicate a certain Houdlni feat. Or, if not giving a publlo performance, say that you will be holding a "house" meeting (or sesnce) in honor of his memory. Invite the paper's feature writer to attend. Talk Houdlni, make yourself appear as an authority on Houdlni, lie like a beggar If you are cornered, and the local writeup will put you In a good light, I promise. This won't work on the big city dailies, but the 25,000 and less circulation papers will "go to town" on the "angle" IF-IF-IP you don't talk about what you do, but harp, harp and harp on the Houdlni legeixis. You'll be mentioned aplenty


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