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This issue completes five years of struggle against the existence of dud" tricks. The longevity of the sheet is both astonishing and satisfying. The former because of the letters calling me what 1 hope are most unlikely names, and the latter in view of the slow but steady climb in circulation from the very start. Of one thing X am certain. Never have 1 pretended The Jinx to be anything but a purveyor of 30-called magical wl3dom. If the material and information contained within its pages have been of use to you in your program, you alone can say the price for which The Jinx should sell. If, from among the hundreds of hints, tips, and feature tricks as well as the little tricks, you have gained nothing, our advice is that you just forget that there ever was such a publication. in such a case you probably wouldn't be reading this now and that makes us feel that the last few lines aren't entirely wasted.

The notice at the bottom of this page tells its own story. As usual I promise nothing but my best efforts. It is not a five minute idea but the result of a preponderance of thought for nearly three years. And to those detractors (already I have themI) who are making quite a pile continually higher with their extremely evident antipathy towards the future policy of The Jinx I can but turn the other cheek. If I fail in doing something which has been tried unsuccessfully before the fiasco will not be Ignominious. I won't be ashamed of having.tried. And perhaps someday one of my grandchildren will put down his 19V2 version of "Clippo" and say, Grandpop, I'm going to start writing and sending out some magic news and tricks every day when I get up." At such a time I shall try to look like a grandfather always looks in books I have and will have read by then. "Come here, Houdlni Annemann," I will say, "Don't step on that thumb tip and take those spring sausages out of your pocket. Sit on my knee for a while and I'll tell you about the time when your granddaddy thought he could run a weekly."

And now I ask you. You wouldn't want me to have to tell that child a SAD story, would you?

Prank Ducrot's blood was sold to the highest bidder on August 22nd when the Hornmann Magic Company was auctioned off in N.Y. A lifelong effort brought $585. Only those who knew Duke can make real sense from that first sentence. A1 Plosso obtained the place and will, as known at this writing, sell it piecemeal. We are glad that someone got It, at least, who knows the value of what was In the store. A1 is the type of person who will take special pains to see that not a single letter, scrap of paper, or rusty pin is lost.

The Ripley Odditorium presentation of the Headless Woman got even worse after our mention in Jinx No. 59. Someone must have suggested two girls when the subject would appear from behind the curtain after the showing (so as not to fool the people with the lllusioni). So, to remain consistently inconsistent and convince the gees that but one girl was used, only a square of cloth covering head and shoulders was held before the gaff while she otherwise visibly climbed from the apparatus I Carl Roslni is still the lmpressario. Pooeyl

"Think-A-Drink" Hoffman, the magic bar man now with "The Streets of Paris" in N.Y. is the only featured artist in a Broadway show who has no understudy. --- Joan Brandon, the vivacious

19 year old maglcienne who just returned (in time, tool) from the nite spots of five European countries will open at Chicago's Hotel Stevens around the middle of the month. Watch her version of the bar act but lay off her nite club presentation of the floating table. —-Deep mystery: How come Glen Pope, who followed Miss Brandon into N.Y.s Glass Hat club, lasted but one night? Were they still applauding Joan?

--- Cedric, who seemed to dominate the English

I.B.M. visitors this sunnier with his exuberance, will run a MAGICHATTER page in England's premier variety journal "STAGE." The weekly magazine may be obtained in this country. --- Billy Holden, who in too short a time (it feels to me) has grown as tall as Max, has been accepted for the Massachusettes Institute of Technology. Magic has no illusions for him although the sale of pulls and cigarette holders is helping not a little.

Luis Zingone has produced a set of 3 records in a swanky book container for your gramophone. There are six card tricks dramatized in the "lazy magician" style. The record tells the assistant what to do and the instructions tell the buyer (performer) what to do and how to do it. It's really a good purchase for $5. Magic dealers will handle the product this fall. ---

Prom the personal column of a London theatrical mag: POPULAR MAGICIAN VACANT PROM OCTOBER ONWARDS. Don't tell us that popularity sets a time limit nowadays! --- Bob Weill, executive pooh-bah of Piff paff Poof has put across the seventh annual Labor Day get together In Port Erie, Ontario. Recently back from California, where his pixie-like nature seemed to flower, Bob featured this year the under water box escape with Joe Ovette as the subject. Authorities stepped in at the last minute and prevented Ovette from possible drowning in the 15 mile an hour current of the Niagara River. Over 400 feet of newsreel film had previously been snapped of the preparations etc. It is to be regretted that with the perfect tie-ups and publicity getting ability of the Poof chieftains that the feat was not allowed to continue to a climax. Better luck next year, Bobby. Maybe the police will stop harassing you.

Charley Larson, world traveler to magic conventions and no limit collector of apparatus, was not in foreign lands as many feared when hostilities broke out. He was to have left the latter part of this month for Europe upon his return from a summer's rest. --- Milton Bridges, long known as one of the premier collectors of magical literature, left behind the wish that his superb library go to Columbia University.

---Hora ce Goldin's sudden death in London was quite a shock. One of the very few old time (continued on page 433)

eginning with its next issue No. 61, and dated October 7, 1939, THE JINX will be issued WEEKLY with up to the minute news, information, tips, and material of value to all magi. By the issue, 15 cents. Subscription, 12 for ¡¡>1.50. All subscriptions now in force shall be filled pro rata. Gabbathal

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