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12 a club of magic

12 a club of magic

Start by handing the deck to a spectator who has stepped forward. Have him shuffle and deal two separate piles of ten cards on the table face down. Ask him to pick up either heap and step into the audience. He is to fan the cards, five in each hand, facing two different spectators and have each merely think of any cards in the fan before him. When the spectator returns to the front, the performer is holding the envelopes, and taking the ten cards from the spectator they are inserted in the top and flapless (turned back and under) envelope. This action is normal and the flaps of the open envelope will hide this move although there is little chance of anything wrong being seen. The right fingers immediately grasp the open flap of the second envelope and this is pulled clear of the stack and handed to the spectator to seal and pocket.

He really gets the envelope containing eight indifferent cards while the group of ten goes into the top envelope where two extra cards are added. You now pick up the other pile of ten from the table and put these in the next envelope under the top one. The flap of this envelope is open while t the flap of the top one is still turned under making the move very easy. This time the top envelope is removed and the stack pocketed. You seal the envelope and go over what has hapened. Two piles of ten were dealt, one selected, packet sealed and in his pocket while you have the second group of ten. You are now to cause the thought of cards to leave his envelope and come over to yours. The spectator removes his envelope, opens it and counts the cards. Only eight are there! The spectators name their thought of cards. Your assistant looks through his fan of eight and announces them gone! You now hand your envelope to someone else who opens and counts to find twelve! And on looking them over the two thought of cards are found!

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