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We feel somewhat the way a certain foreign infested political faction must have felt when the mother country up and made what newspapers have called an unholy alliance. We admit that we're human enough to gloss, at times, the doings and capers of friends, but in this instance the mail has carried too many letters of conylaint to ignore. Strangely, most of the writers have concurred with my original view that Max Holden didn't "expose" anything in the Oct. 6 issue of The Family Circle, a give-a-way mag that is stuck into grocery bags and stacked before "Free - Take One" signs for a country wide circulation of a million and a half. Entitled "It's a Fake" the article is lengthy and replete with posed pictures. The "different" aspect of the publicity break is that paragraph "in betweens" take the form of ads from hi6 catalogue, a few of which we reproduce.

The theme of the article, and it can be laid at the door of its writer, Stewart Robertson, is that tricks are more or less the bunk and very easy to do, the "gimnick" being the piece of unseen apparatus which does all of the work. As the writer quotes Max, "A gimmick is a clip to hold and keep out of sight any small object that may be needed in the business of a trick. There are finger gimmicks, also ginmicks for the vest, trousers, and all sorts of places on your person." And again, in describing how fakirs made a handkerchief untie by tieing it with a snake inside, Max is quoted, "Now. for $1.25 I can sell you a similar illusion in silk which is controlled by almost invisible threads'.'

A representative letter received goes like this. "Altho this is not an expose, it has been somewhat of a blow to me to have my friends, who until now had been impressed by my remarkable (?) skill, cynically say "Hell—this magic stuff can't be so hot. Why I see where I can buy all those tricks I thought were so swell f<r a couple of bucks apiece." And when I said it's skill and not the cost they say, "Don't kid me— he told all about the gimmicks, you don't need skill."

That the article was a terrific ad, due to address and the price marked catalogue items, cannot be denied. I don't think I'm violating any confidence when I say that it resulted in over $700 worth of business. That it hurt my moral sense of values is also not to be denied, for it presages an era in which magic as an art will become magic for the masses, and the aura of mystery will have left the vicinity where abide those people called magicians. It would be interesting to :receive comment regarding the article and I'll rtiake use of any outstanding views, not looking at it as an expose, but as business versus whatever you want to call it.

Early in the spring when the headless woman illusion started its skyrocket career we wrote that it would be a one season stunt and be exposed by some out of work magician or snoopers

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from the mags of the type who love to debunk all professions but their own. Mechanix Illustrated, for December. 1939, and NCW on the newsstands for 10£ has given over a page to photos and explanations as to where the pretty head really goes.---Gamage's magic mag "The Magician" has suspended publication for the "duration". as the Britishers are calling the "who fires the first shot?" period. —- Danton, better known to many as Rupert Howard, is with Dante in this country. Dante, in his agreement with Danton reserved the right to bring the show to the U.S. for a nine months'' tour, bringing his successor with him so that he could get the lay of the land, meet the various managements and "grow" into the show. Then Dante would retire in California. Actually, however, and due to union labor and stagehand difficulties, etc., which we predicted a week or so ago, Dante and the family are setting out for the West coast immediately with a stop-off in Chicago where he used to mn a magic business as Harry Jansen. To climb out on a limb we'll make a bet that the show moves into South American territory within six months. And that, despite all of those pounds sterling cached in London, Dante will go along for a farewell look from behind the footlights.

Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Nathan, close friends of the Dante menage, held a joyous reception for them on Nov. 1. After varied entertainment by the magi present Dante recounted his travels during the period of 12 years since he left the U.S. under the Thurston banner and said that he had worked hard in order to retire and enjoy magic as a hobby.--A1 Altaian has informed us that the National Ass'n of Broadcasters (over 400 stations) adopted a code in Sept. and that Art. 12 makes pertinent that no profession may be injured. That takes care of exposing there and an effort is being made to include an Article of similar nature in agreements with the film producers.

Caryl Fleming has written regarding our queries re Le Paul being feted while working as a technical director on the picture "Eternally Yours." He says that few if any of the boys in L.A. knew that Le Paul was so engaged for "he was strangely silent on his activities and it was only when the picture was completed that we even learned that he was on the picture." Caryl also makes clear an important point, and that is that a technical advisor cannot"give orders. Ke merely makes suggestions. Then if the director, scenario writer, producer, etc., want to accept them they may or may not. This is offered, not as an alibi in behalf of any technical advisor, tut because in all fairness one should wait until such time as one gets definite evidence that a person who has served as a tech. deliberately has offered information that would result in offensive exposures. Caryl also says, "Again, were I just a director, and not a magician, I am sure that if I thought for one moment that the exposure of magical secrets would add audience appeal to a picture I was making i would go to town on it in a big way."

Although there is a B. Hull listed in the local phone book, readers are advised that it is not Burling. The lady of the house where the B.Hull calls land is too, too annoyed and wants to know "who and what is Burling Hull." We just want to save you the nickel. --- The British

Journal of Astrology has suspended publication because of the "uncertainty of the immediate future." --- Miss Moi-Yo-Miller, whom Dante has billed as "Australia's Most Beautiful Woman," had not a few of the local magish a bit ga-ga. The most descriptive and overheard muttering (turn back to page 461)

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