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4 a club of magic

4 a club of magic

First shall be described the exact routine as presented by Mr. Dixie for the vanish alone. Afterwards I shall change a point or two so that it works in smoothly with the "Cigarette Rolled By Proxy" effect just described at the opening to the act.

Mr. Dixie used an ordinary cigarette pull on the left side. The elastic started on the left side, ran around the front of the body to the right and ended after going through the belt loop nearest to the left hip pocket. This hook-up gives ample stretch. In the left hip pocket was a flat cigarette case. A common match was in the lower right vest pocket. Today a lighter would be appropriate. The stunt would be presented in an offhand manner without a word being said at any time. The actions were easy and deliberate. The timing was perfect and every move counted.

Near a table or stand, a little behind and to the left of which he would be standing, Dixie would remove the case from the hip pocket with the left hand, let it spring open and with the rigty fingers he would remove a cigarette. As the cigarette was placed between the lips with the right hand, the left would lay the still open case on the table. The right hand now dropped to the pocket, secured the match, and it was lighted on the under or back side of the table. The two hands would then be used to cup the flame while the cigarette was being lighted. The match was tossed away and Dixie would take a deep puff. The right fingers removed the cigarette from the lips as smoke was blown out and at the same time the left hand picked up the case, and closing it returned it to the left hip pocket, the left hand returning with the pull. While this was being done, the right hand put the cigarette back to the lips and a mouthful of smoke was taken. Without untoward gestures the right fingers pushed the cigarette into the left fist, and when it was well in the pull, the right hand came away open with the palm outward. Dixie would merely look at it and release the pull at the same moment. Now he would turn his head towards the closed left hand and raise it to shoulder height. Blowing smoke slowly towards it the hand would easily open. Glancing now at both hands alternately he would sort of wash them together a couple of times, flick an imaginary speck of dust from his left coat sleeve near the cuff, and for the first time look at his audience.

Go over this carefully—please. Don't think it simple, for if done right it is far from easy to master. Every move counts and even magicians will

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