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IT'S A MIRACLE (continued from page 684)

withdraws the mutilated thing with many other things hanging from its outer ribs.

The parasol cover is draped over this skeleton sunshade when closing,all of which helps take care of the dangling pieces. The parasol is reinserted into the rolled mat (and into its own pocket) and the mat given the assistant to hold before him.

This action may be made a bit ridiculous by demanding a certain position of holding. The performer stands at the assistant's right, and there is ample opportunity for securing the hooked stocking from the trousers pocket and when patting his back or maneuvreing him about a little, to hook it in place and let it unroll to its length.

The mat is now unrolled and the original parasol appears. The mat is tossed aside and when the performer opens the sunshade the watch i.s seen hanging from within. He detaches it and gives it to the assistant for the return. And half-way back, the performer catches up to him, stops him to apparently check once more on the watch, and thus turns the assistant around enough to reveal the hanging stocking.


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