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you will pick up such a bundle in this manner with the points sticking upward, you will see that the thread is completely hidden and the needles appear like a loose bunch.

As the right hand brings this bundle away from the left, this hand, with the loose needles goes to the left coat pocket, drops them, and comes out with a handkerchief. The handkerchief is dropped to the floor and you drop to your left knee on the handkerchief for the act of swallowing the needles. The committee is motioned in closer and by doing it in this manner they can see without getting in the way of the audience and it serves a good purpose otherwise.

Place the needles on tongue, but turn them as you do so, and the upper teeth come down upon them holding the bundle in place and at the same time concealing the threaded end. All that can be seen is apparently a bunch of loose needles on the tongue.

Keeping the head back, the needles are apparently swallowed, but really the bundle is drawn back on tongue, turned so that the points are towards throat and pushed over onto right side of mouth outside of teeth. Now drink half the glass of water. Take the thread from around neck, place end in mouth and then loop the rest over tongue. Chew up the thread into a compact mass and shift it over as far as possible to left side of mouth. Drink the rest of the water and show the glass upside down before setting aside.

Now you are ready to produce the thread and needles. Bring bundle onto the tongue again and roll it over until tongue gets the loose knotted end. The small dab of paste has losened up in mouth and the knotted end is brought between lips without use of your hands. Have a committeeman take hold of same and you slowly back away from him, telling him not to pull. Back away unrolling the bundle and the needles will appear on schedule. When the last needle is reached, your right fingers take it from mouth and with it, concealed in fingers, is the small bunch of thread, The mouth is left empty for inspection if desired.

If, when unwinding the bundle in mouth, the thread ever gets stuck, turn your head in the opposite direction to which the threaded end of bundle lies in mouth. If it is towards left, when lying on tongue, turn head towards right so as to bring thread in nearly a straight line with threaded end, and it will always pull

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