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white. This EXTRA is noo connected with monthly issues which will continue as blithely as ever. It is a separate publication of twenty tricks for one dollar in cash, money-order, check, stamps or what have you. When this is read the SUlil.IER 1935 EXTRA will be in the harais of all dealers. Secure your copy from them or from The Jinx, Y/averly, New York Thus is solved the case of the serai-monthly.

No word has been received from l.Iar-tin Sunshine regarding the streamlined "Cental Knockout with which I found so much fault last month.Perhaps tv.?-, \w \he's mad at me. However, now that I U—j j V—have bought one and thus officially LJ I I* lw know the 3ecret perhaps I have a better right to comment. It's a good trick but not, in my opinion, a saleable one. It needs nerve, a bit of audacity, and a lot of showmanship to present it effectively. Tricks to sell however,must be the kind an average man can use without ability that comes only through long professional training and experience if it isn't an inherent trait. I know of a number of excellent effects worth money to performers who could use them professionally. Advertisements to stretch the imagination of a Hull are possible about them. The buyers however, would not be satisfied for two reasons. In order to work them they might need a large audience or theatre conditions. Comparatively few amateurs and buyers of magical secrets are touched by this. On the other hand, those who constantly perform only for a few intimates lack the nerve or showmanship to use this spectacular type of procedure. To a great many this secret is worth the money as it is and in modified form. But sold at large it becomes a boomerang glancing from the many more who find it to be something they cannot use. As far as I am concerned the matter is now ended and out of mind.

Cards and letters have been received regarding the wider margins last month. It makes binding much more practical. Frank Ducrot was the first to suggest this and he was followed by several more who wrote. I can always use a good suggestion so I am telling you now they will be appreciated and always acted upon If possible.

Frank N. Dodd of Hew *ork epistles regarding my May statement that 84 had written to support a semi-monthly Jinx. He tells me that by that token it appears to be a good omen. From Royal V. Heath, the eminent mathemagician he had it that 'Eighty-four1 is the ONLY number between Zero and Four Billion, Eight Hundred Million (a number recently popularized), that is spelled with ten all different alphabetic letters, all of which makes it unique. It is not news to us that The Jinx and contents is unique, but we like to know that the read ers think so too.


Of all the single or group reading methods that have been invented and created, I think none have been as practically simple as the window frame idea. I've always thought that it was mine but after eleven years I'm not so sure. I made ny first note of it on January 12, 1924 and thought of It while reading about an alcohol envelope feke on page 92 of Alexander's Dr. ft book. I handled a lot of correspondence then and passed it around. Later it was advertised in The Sphinx. Howard Albright used it in his Super-Psychic Mental book, and in June 1954 it was reprinted (with permission) in The Indian Magician, India's crack magical monthly.

I originally used it, not for a single reading (I didn't see its' value as such then), but only to 'get' the first question in a one-phead routine with cards and envelopes. Here is the method of handling. It can be used for the above purpose or for a single reading, and Is much cleaner and more safe than any of the copies I have read.

For those who do not know this envelope it is a regular drug size end opening type (#2 is best) and the face side has been cut out except for a quarter inch margin around the edge. A card is written on by sitter. The envelope is on a stack of ordinary ones. The card is inserted into envelope, writing side down, and flap sealed. Holding the single envelope with this side towards the sitter it is burned, but meanwhile the performer has read the question through the window side. There are variations and niceties in handling but we won't go into them here.

My method now is to have the flap of the window envelope cut off. Six or seven envelopes are in a stack. In one envelope is placed a blank card such as will be used by sitter for writing. This loaded envelope is on top of stack and on top of this Is placed the window envelope with cut-out side down. The flap belonging to the loaded envelope appears to be the flap of the window feke.

When the sitter has written on a card, he is told to lay it writing side down. Approaching with the stack in left hand (hold them with thumb and fingers at sides, from above, and with flap ends outward) the card is shoved into the window envelope, and then BY THE FLAP, he pulls envelope from pile and hands it to spectator to seal. Thus by the flap the loaded envelope is pulled from under the window feke into which the card was put.

Asking sitter to seal tightly and write his initials across the front and back, the medium turns and lays envelopes in hand aside. The one on top is flipped over with finger and the question read at a glance. I suggest working at a small table with a drawer on your side. Merely open it and put envelopes in, getting the information at the same time. Now take sitter's envelope and burn it right in front of him. This is positively the quickest method I know of getting sealed information without the sitter having reason for suspicion.


Old and well known (to magicians) card tricks which make use of specially printed and feked cards can often be improved and modernized to make present day miracles. Here is a version of the old Sphinx Card Trick which has graced many a catalog fop fifteen cents.

Ffrom an ordinary pack of Bicycle cards three are removed by different persons and initialed. Dropping them into a hat, the performer asks one to name his card and it is removed and replaced in the deck. Now the remaining two spectators name their cards, look for them in the hat but they are gone. In their place is the one card just removed and placed in the deck I The two that have vanished are back in the deck, cards may be sown one by one and the initialed pasteboards are the ones used.

Feked cards are used but they are natural and unsuspected. One is the familiar double backed card to match the deck. The other Is made as per the illustration. This card has had the 7 index at one end eraned and an R index drawn in. This is

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