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Jinx No. 2 is out of print except for a few complete files. --- "The Tops" is lucky to have the best book reviewer In magicdom, Lloyd

Jones. --- "Mogul" the current New York mind-

reading marvel (see clipping on Page 121) may have gotten his trick from the back page of

Jinx No. 6. --- Harry Dreilinger's idea of new twists on old tricks is shown in his version of the well known vest turning trick with the hands tied. Harry turns his trousers inside out with his ankles tied! However, many a magician's wife has done the same trick during the darkened hours. __- Magic's greatest inventor and most prolific man of letters has a twelve page blast on the press in which he will undertake the task of answering me by evading the questions and digging into the dirt. It is all very amusing (?) to those Mho have paid money for nothing received (he doesn't even answer their letters of complaint) to see how he wastes time aixi credit ¡printing tripe which proves I'm under his tough skin. My superiors ignore me. His picture in last September's Nudist magazine reveals to me the cause of his mental attitude on life. The new overflow of residue should prove entertaining. Don't miss your copy. --- The era of floor show magic and table entertaining only proves that a magus must be versatile. Learn a couple of tricks with all objects and in all phases of magic. They do not need to be difficult sleights or moves, and one who can do something with anything is indeed a master of the situation.

--- Gene Dennis, the renowned girl psychic, Is delving into horse race finishes, and prognosticating the results for a popular racing magazine. When, at a dinner for scribes, she was asked about two nags running the following day, she gave one as a winner and the other as a loser.

It happened just the other way aroundl---Swann, billed as 'The Magic Man From Kalamazoo' sailed away to London town and opened at the Dorchester Hotel. Tommy Martin goes across in June for slat months at a head swimming price for magi, but worth it. Ade Duval, Larry Gray and Glen Pope are still over there. Hew York actors go to Hollywood and American magicians go to Europe. ---

Harlan Tarbell shows letters from S.A.M. assemblies congratulating him upon his Woolworth .cutout magic book. Then why the preferred charges*

--- Tom Worthington put out an 'Extra' edition of The Oslrian upon Thurston's death. It was a nice tribute. --- My bit of Thurstonia consist«

of about a dozen letters twelve years old when I continually tried to hire myself out as an assistant. I didn't know at the time the antipathy of a magician towards magically inclined assistants, and now I appreciate the collection because he bothered to answer all of my requests. Incidentally, Jane will have control of the show. That's quite definite. —- Otis Manning, the lb -ledo magician, and whose picture is up front on this issue, is coming along plenty fast with his night club table work. I'm sitting tight in

New York and expecting him at any moment. --- I

wonder why the name of I.I.Altman has vanished from the S.A.M. list of committee members, especially the committee on Ethics and Standards, of which he was chairman for so longf Can it possibly be that he has changed his views and is contemplating an expose of sorts via the screen? --- Quite a few pains in the neck have been recorded since the $75.00 Neyhart Rising Card Trick was cut in half. Well, after all, how would you feel? --- Dr. Jaoob Daley is seriously contemplating the publication of anatomical terms for magic writers and teachers which should make the understanding of complicated finger and hand positions much easier. —- Among the Visitors to the Jinx headquarters this month were L.Vosburgh Lyons, Dr. Jacob Daley, Judson Cole, Keith Clark, Dai Vernon, A1 Baker, Dr. Gordon Peck, and Mike, the Educated Rooster.

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Great magic causes happiness, and you can do this with sleight-of-hand, especially if you . cause laughter and merriment. In doing this, however, it is best to get the laughs legitimately and not at the expense of others. Altho there are Instances where a slight bandinage, banter or a little repartee may be indulged in, it should be done in a light and NOT a brusque fashion. Ho one should be made to feel unduly conspicuous, or stupid. Of course, the fellow who tries to be "fresh" is expected and should be put in his place.

Don't overuse the wand - this will make it all the more effective when some special change or effect is Introduced with its use.

When entering a business deal AIAVAYS get a contract. No matter how much of a friend, Implied, expressed, intimated or imagined, having the tents down In black and white will more than frequently save much time, money, explanation, argument and wrangling.

An old trick to gain applause and bows on a magic act in vaudeville is to have some large piece of apparatus standing on the stage or a table which you do not use. The audience will see It, note that you have not used it, wonder what it is, and the chances are 10 to 1 they will applaud to make you come back to do It, feeling they were cheated. Whether this is real showmanship, fair, ethical, an alibi, a trick unworthy of a competent magician, unnecessary, or cleverness, each must judge for himself. I saw one magician, however, who was at the top employ the device.

There seems to be a growing tendency to decry the amateur among some of the professionals. This should not be - one may learn something from anyone and everyone. In most sciences today, a great many of the most Important discoveries are made by amateurs.

Small bone rings, which may be purchased in ten cent stores, offer little friction to cords when sewed as aids to the free passage of such adjuncts. I have found also that the graphite of a soft lead pencil will aid materially in certain pieces of apparatus in an elimination of friction for the same purpose as mentioned above.

Avoid depending too much on assistants, and try to produce as many of your effects as possible without their aid. The best of them at times are undependable at critical moments.

Cultivate an attack - I do not mean by this to be harsh or brusque, but make your initial address as if you meant business, and let your first trick show that you do.

Vocalists devote a part of the day to practice, so do acrobats, jugglers, dancers, In fact all professionals who get anywhere. Why not magicians? An hour a day EVERY DAY will work wonders with your sleights.

Leam to do a sleight well rather than employ a subterfuge. One is sure, the other doubtful.

So many ways of producing the Rising Card trick have been devised that nearly everyone in the audience loses sight of th6 fact that the magician has found out which cards have been selected. This is a point that has been most neglected of late.

When giving a stage performance avoid borrowing objects. This was the fashion In the older days, but we're living In a different, a faster

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THINK V IT OVERr age to-day. Not only does it take time to borrow and to return the objects, but it rarely adds anything to the culminative effect.

Avoid Intimate talk with a few In the front rows. This IS not only Inconsiderate but impolite to the others in the house too far away to hear what you are saying.

Say "Ladies and OenTTiKmen", not gemmen, "hand-KERchlef", not hankuchiff, "government", not gov-erment, and TAKE where it should be spoken instead of "bring". (This was contributed. Ed.)

A well known magician once was asked if he knew this trick and that trick, and If he could do such and such. The answer deserves to be put In capital letters, so here goes, "I ONLY KNOW FIVE TRICKS - AND I All TRYING TO LEARN TO DO THOSE WELL."

The best dead black quick-drying paint I ever used, or know of, is Jap A Lao.

In making a top or bottom change, after making the change do not move away the hand containing the card, but gradually move away the hand containing the PACK. This is a good one -get it.

One would think that a magician would know how to handle a rabbit, and yet I have seen many who did not. Almost every one know the proper way to lift the animal is by the ears, and yet there is more to it than that. Cup the hand holding the ears underneath the head of the rabbit so that the little finger rests on the spine at the base of the head.

If you can produce four billiard balls well, remember that nothing is gained FROM AUDIENCE STANDPOINT by producing eight or twelve - in fact it is apt to grow tiresome 'out in front.'

A dampened blotter, hidden where It may be easily reached (behind some piece of apparatus, or on a servante), will prove valuable to those whose hands are inclined to be too dry. Simply touching the fingers to the blotter and then the palm, Is all that is necessary. Or a very little glycerine, well spread, may be used on the blotter.

Do not use short lengths of elastics on pulls. The longer the better, even if necessary to go around the body twice. To those who do not know this "wrinkle", try It - you will be surprised with the results.

Many pieces of apparatus constructed of metal "talk". Quite a few could be made of leather or other material which would obviate the undesirable feature, and furthermore, if dropped by accident or design, would attract no attention.

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