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a club of magic 11

a club of magic 11

good thing for I pick up all his pieces, and the pieces from my half, and "mix them." This confuses the issue. Go back to the original cry stop idea and you have performed a "miracle." Incidentally, for you weaker magicians (like me) to whom tearing an entire deck is hard work (or an almost impossible task) this method where you tear only half the deck is a swell idea.

About three or four years ago at an S. A. M. show a magician did a "Tearing a Pack" effect something like one described herein. Quite honestly he thought it was original — his method probably is. I don't know to this day the method by which he achieves his effect — but I do know the effect on the audience is the same as the above described effect which I first did about eighteen years ago—and to which I lay no claim for originality except for the patter and presentation. This trick was first described, to my knowledge, about seventy-five years ago, but it might have been used long before.

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