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the journey of the ring. Don't manipulate the hands during the effect. Don't call attention by 'flashy' moves that the hands are empty. They should be! The audience will never have any reason to suspect otherwise. Just give it plenty of practice to make the routine smooth. You'll wind up with an effect you will be proud to perform.


In my estimation this effect is one of the most novel to conclude the program of any magician. Picking up a sheet of paper about twenty inches square and folding it rather carelessly as he talks, the magician asks a spectator for the time. We shall assume it to be 1:28. Putting the paper behind his back, the performer tears out bits and tosses them to the floor. Finally the paper is brought to the front and opened against a black background. TORN INTO THE SHEET IS A CLOCK FACE, THE HANDS ON WHICH INDICATE 1:30! The magus naively remarks that it has taken two minutes to do the tearing and that time is marching on!

Obviously, this is one of those EFFECTS which will be performed in a different manner by each performer. Some may prefer to cut the paper with scissors instead of tearing. Regardless of this point, the effect is accomplished through a substitution of papers so that no individual skill is involved. Mr. Clark used this effect in vaudville where the running time of an act is seldom more than a minute or two either way. It is the writer's belief that any club routine can be gauged to within ten or fifteen minutes which makes this practical for use. When you have ascertained your approximate starting time, have on hand say five of the dials with the minute hand at five successive numbers which allows you twenty minutes. Many will no doubt make up a supply of dials minus hands and merely tear them in at the last available moment. Another out which comes to mind at the moment is for those who may use the trick as a routine trick rather than as a closer. In such a case they will merely use the effect during that period for which it is set. So, whenever the spectator

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