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Big event of the past month »as David Bamberg's New York opening at the Teatro Cervantes on March 19th. The name has been changed, because of copyright complications in these states, from Fu Man-chu to Fu Chan, a combination of Fu Manchu and Charley Chan. Those who have seen it opine that it is the most beautifully dressed show to hit these shores. The opening ran almost three hours, and the illusions, for the most part worked into sketches, are of a type, und carry an atmosphere totally different from wliat American audiences have seen. When I talked about the 3how two months ago, after seeing it in Havana, the boys all put on a pained look. When they read in the Feb. Jinx about the 300 genuine Chinese robes they did only grunt. Now they're all around in circles,and seeing the show three times in a row I With the right management, and very few revisions, Fu Chan could well become the country's best magic road show. By the way, I wonder -who the first American louse will be to steal his idea on the buzz saw illusion? Ke has it revamped into a real thriller as Poe'g Pit and the Pendulum. Three dayc after the show opened, U.F.Grant had a total of 41 calls for the colored sand trick! Too bad they all can't buy a Chinese name too. Something like Dum Crum.

Momentary odds and ends: Jack Gwynne has returned from "Nassau where the family vacationed with one nightly show at the British Colonial Hotel. On the way north he net one independent road show magus who was booting himself through Georgia, and on the off nights pitched potato peelers on the corner. --- And one of the best known New York club magicians recently accepted a job for :,pl5 at a place where they had always paid $75. When he got there they only wanted to see the rope trick which took about 2 minutes at the speed this fellow works. Wo one can kick at performing one trick for $15, but the fact remains that he accepted the nrice and went ore-

pared to give his all. --- At the Miami Cabaret in Havana, they are oresenting as part of the floor show a version of the old. ?lyto illusion and 'tis very oretty. ^liere a re quite a few of these old principles tiiat can well be adopted to modem stage presentations other than magic, and for the man who can dig them up and revamp them it means money in the pocket. --- Frank

Ducrot has told me about his oriirinatin/? the 20th Century Handkerchief Trick, and when I saw his first method, wherein the trick is done with but three unprepared handkerchiefs and no pull, I couiu sincerely ausert that the old timers did know mat they were doing.---The Jarrett book really went up in price as advertised, and will continually do so monthly. Bill Larsen has gone on record as definitely against it, but those who have known Guy Jarrett personally, and sat around beeries till the wee hours, know only too well of his sincerety and love for magic, and realize his l ard h-n-t-«« -----«------ -

rmr am rm oi the ful1 evening type, IHliAUU, t-lil ls not the glorified llv_

Tommy Martin is another «ingle usually tnougnt ox Dy

Z'SoSd^'t those who make of the art w.u until h» «is .round to the a parlor, club, and part cigarette routine. Work« with coin? Vi^Kw*. mi__j«*»

cards, handkerchiefs and manages time hODby. The book derail of it with quiet effectiveness. But Inlt-plir ic rlr>-t- fnr» th,dpi his cigarette work leave, him open inlteiy IS not I Or tnem, for comparison with other cigarette but as a Tare bit of maffi-

manipuiators, and the comparisons „„„„ . + . ,. , , ____

do not favor Martin. Has an excel- Cana it Will be Worth three lent fan and egg stunt which can nq a -Paw be built up. He puts a small wad times its price in a xew of paper in his mouth and wets into years to Come, a tiny ball. Drops the wad on an J open /an. which he flips up and down as on a frying pan. Wad expands in T „4-,,„v _

front of the audience, and Womes 1 nave StUCK. in a COU-

an egg, which Martin takes and "In nf vaudeville reviews cracks open. It's a nifty trick and i"-1" vauui.vxJ.xc icvxcwo

Martin can get much more out oi from Variety, not alone it than at pr,«nt. for their interest, but as

MICHIGAN, DET. a bit of comparison with

Detroit, March 1» the writeups reproduced on Jh* V"Sk ,pJ®!rin,? ml!' the next two pages. These gician with lots of card tricks, a!- . , 0

though most of'em are hard to catch Were written by two dif-

very far back. For an encore, calls ~_______4., „„ . . , «

two stooges from audience for coupla lei'ent CrltlCS in tWO dll -more tricks. Fair. ferent cities, and illus trate that critics on the trade papers generally put in straight language the dope on an act, giving the good points a boost, and mentioning the weak 3pots in criticism. However, as we go on our way to press, a new point has arisen as to whether or not the Variety reviewer had an "ethical" or "legal" right to review the Heckscher show, regardless of the quality of the subsequent review, vie'11 have the dope next month.

The following clipping appeared In the March 4th New York Times, and illustrates a cute effect which has been written about a few times but seldom U3ed in actual practise.


W. * KMch. FwiMent Anwrlcan ou VKdUCU, will Uit uu 1 of club, toafcht.

Keniuth chunberu^n.

Perhaps the fact that someone else ls actually doing it will start magi off on the same track. It's possible of many, many variations, ana as a publicity effect is very strong, and novel for a change.

Among the minor annoyances of the month was the usual postcard from Lane, the Beantown Comic, who did type, "It used to be the passe passe bottles, but now it's the passe passe Jinx." Then he proved himself a pediculous psychologist as well as a 3pace chiaeler by scribbling, "If you can take this one, kid, I'll give you credit." So itsy bitsy Frank's quips are passe passe on this page from now on, no matter how accldently clever they may be. But for that last remark, he might have kept on fooling me for months to come.

Val Evans also claims the "cutting of a pack of cards under the handkerchief," a3 per Jinx No.26 trick by Orvllle Meyer,as well as Jean Hugard claim for it in No.27. The letter sounds very authentic and sincere. — Dignified magic is when you pay ten dollars for a current 1-tem and it arrives in a label covered suspender box! — Apropos,from Wln-ehell; Never take praise from people you wouldn't take criticism from.

W. * KMch. FwiMent Anwrlcan ou VKdUCU, will Uit uu 1 of club, toafcht.

Keniuth chunberu^n.

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