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The performer now has boy open tube. The firecracker has disappeared and he dumps Into magician's hand - the cigar. It Is still warm but out, the magician saying that It Is never well to have a lighted cigar and firecracker together. He lights the cigar again, takes a puff or two, doesn't like the taste, breaks It open. Inside Is chosen oardl The spectator Is given card to match with corner and keep as a memoir of the time he "loaned" a cigar to a magician.

Returning to the front, performer asks boy for the firecracker. He doesn't know what Its all about, hut in looking around, the audience sees cracker hanging from his baok. It is taken from there and in pulling on the wick, the explosion is set off. The magician disgustedly says that the cigar was ruined, and now the firecracker so he'll have to go on with something else.

There should be no reader who cannot follow the working with the effect as written. The cracker tube nicely holds a olgar, inside of which is, of course, a card with the corner missing. The exploding cracker Is loaded on back at the start as boy never moves around until finish. The vanish of cigar may be done using one of the standard pulls for such objects, or by sleight of hand. The card is forced it being a duplicate. The deck Is dropped into pocket and corner secured. Taking card from spectator, a comer is torn off and he is given the other one. The card is now vanished. The cigar is found in the tube and then the card in the cigar. Lastly comes the business with the cracker, and you will have done a very nice, novel and always interesting effect.

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Lexicon Is the for a pack of cards used in a very popular word game. They are of the same size as playing oards but are made with letters on their faces. All department and Woolworth stores carry them.

Two packs, one a deck of playing cards regular, and one a Lexicon pack, are shown and both shuffled by the performer. A spectator takes a card from the ordinary deck, replaces it, and without any false moves the paok is placed face down on the table or spectator's outstretched hand.

Now the performer asks for the value only of the ohosen card. We will suppose the oard to be the "Ten of Clubs" so the answer Is, "Ten." The Lexieon deck is now taken and ten oards counted off face down on a oard display stand or table.

TOie ordinary deck is now taken and fanned. In the center is seen the ohosen card reversed. The ten Lexicon cards are turned to faoe audience and they are found to spell "TEN 07 CLUBS" oorrectly.

The seoret is quite simple but the effeot has the appearance (to the audience) of a real complicated mystery. The ordinary deck has the 10 of Clubs on top and a duplicate reversed second from bottom. The deck may be given dovetail shuffles without disturbing them. The lexicon pack has the top ten cards arranged to spell the Ten of Clubs. This deck also may be likewise shuffled and the ten kept in place. The card may be forced with a slip cut and replaced at that spot. A simple cut brings the reversed duplicate to center. The rest works Itself.

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