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thing is merely to know what it is about and not bother to learn it word for word.

In his pocket he carries the well known and respected thumb tip. Into this he puts this stolen corner after crumpling it up. Now the effect proceeds as described. The corner selected by the spectator mixing the pieces is placed on the performer's outstretched left palm while the performer's right hand has secured tip on the thumb. In going to the person with the page, the right thumb is placed on the left palm and paper, the left fingers close, and the thumb comes from the hand with the stolen slip from tip and this is handed to the spectator as the left hand pockets the tip and other corner while the performer walks away. He watches the spectator from a distance while the counting is done and therefore knows which of the two ads has been selected. Newspapers have columns on both sides of the page and both sides line up with each other. The mystery is over and a few or great many more people have been mystified.

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