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of the coins 1* let go of and caught by the left hand, ¿s your right side la to audience, the coin flying thru the air and being caught by left hand will b« masked by handkerchief in front of It. ®ae handkerchief is now plated over the coin in left hand and handkerchief is twisted around both of them. From here proceed as In the first nethod.

Mr. Kieo Aoaemnn Kaverly, Be« Xnk

Dear sir»

The unfortunate combination of scotch blook plus a gradual infiltration of scotch liquor may be held responsible for the following idea.

I Imagine the construction and technique of the ordinary changing tray in use for the substitution or a pack of cards is known to all.

Trying to apply this idea to a less stagey looking object than a tray and also, what was more Important, make a saving of the three bucka that the magic depot 1s only too glad to receive, I thought of gluing the cover of one magazine on to the back of another. This worked well enough to satisfy and the sum cost of the apparatus was only a dime since I bed a magazine at home and all it was necessary to buy was a duplicate issue. This is fine in ones own home, but if you pick a magazine out of a rack when out, and your host doesn't recognize it, — welll

I overcame this by using the back or advertising page. This I have found is perfect. One of the drawbacks to my original plan was that if the magazine is a pulp, they generally have such covers that people are tempted to thru them and that is very annoying.

She additional benefit to the latter method is that no expenditure at all is necessary since advertisers generally have the same ad on the back of the periodical for a few weeks hand running.

I think that if you use this method It will be found subtle enough for the deception of the Host carping.

¿ours truly

Bruce Elliott used lurid riffle a

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