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Presentation: R cuts a third off the top of the pack which he keeps. L cuts off some more so that the performer still has about a third for himself. Wow for the force. Performer asks R for a number between 1 and 10. If R says 9, tell him to count down to nine and turn that card up. It is the AC. If he says 8, tell him to count off eight cards and turn over the next. If he names any other number he Is to count that amount off, shuffle them, return to the top of pack and turn over the top card. Of course it will always be an eight or nine, so now when he counts he still is forced to accept the ninth card. This (AC) he retains for a minute.

L Is asked to shuffle his cards, look at their faces and select any card he fancies, to show it, awl keep it for a minute. The per-fonner false shuffles the top half of his own cards and finally takes the bottom card (QB)> at the same time being careful not to let anyone see the bottom of his packet because that card is the other only reversed. After showing Ms card, the performer goes over to R and places the ffi In his packet. R then puts his card in the center of L's packet. While this is taking place performer turns his cards over, and keeping them squared he asks L to thrust his freely selected card somewhere In the deck's center.

Again turning his packet over unknown to those helping as he brings a handkerchief from his pocket the performer covers his right hand, nth his hand thus protected from actuating sleight of hand fancies he cuts the pack on left hand two cards from the bottom for R to puts his packet of cards in the break. When the break is closed, the performer's left thumb runs down the edge of the pack until he sees the first card reversed, which will be very near the top. < covered right hand the performer again cuts the deck BELOW this reversed card and L returns his packet. The upper half is dropped back on top of all.

The complete pack is now cut, by the performer, about two-thirds of the way down and the cut completed. Then the cards are placed upright in the middle of the hank that still covers the right hand. Move the hand back and forth three times, fan on the count of 3, and there you will see what the audience will think are the three selected cards reversed and approximately the same distance from each other.

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