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Take about ten cards from the deck and stack them to suit so that you are well acquainted with the order. Fasten a large paper clip under the back of your coat. It should be just high enough so that when the ten cards are in it they will be about an inch above coat edge.

Have the remainder of the deck freely shuffled. The missing cards won't be noticed and the performer takes them back and explains what is to happen. He asks a spectator to step forward and explains that he is to hold the deck behind his back and with right hand bring forth one card at a time and lay it face up on the table. He is to call the name of the card each time and whenever he feels the urge to lie, to do so. When the performer explains this, he suits the words by action and when he puts deck behind his back for a second during the explanation the ten cards are added to the

Seldom will the person go beyond three or four without lying but to play perfectly safe the performer can first have the spectator think of two numbers from one to ten and then tell him that when he deals the cards to lie about the identity of the cards at these numbers. This will give the performer two chances to catch him, which is plenty for the effect.

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