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My most heartfelt thanks go out to those who thought well enough of us to mail Xmas greetings and the novelties this year were quite up to par. Afcril Lamarque went Percy Abbott1s levitation one better by releasing a large photo of himself levitating himself and passing the hoop over the horizontal body. Sid Lorraine had a real cute "spy" theme on the hidden message in a cigarette, all in keeping with the times. Tom Worthington, III, as usual must have spent hours preparing his hand made greeting folders. The front design was made up of 5 different color metallic papers for a candle motif. All in all, it was quite a merry yule for the cats and myself. So it's Happy Hew Year from now on we most earnestly hope for every magic lover.

Strauss Automobile Supply Stores are scattered about the country. They now sell sets of the Snooty Pups for 7 cents. You couldn't do better than stock up on those very good magnets. --- Audley 7/alsh, the "ew Jersey magician-detective recently caught the so-called phantom robber, one of the thorns in headquarter's side for a long time. Audley used a rigged up gadget to do the trick and if he'd passed on the info a bit sooner to us we could have shed more light on it all. Anyhow, Phanto, for one, isn't interested anymore at all. —- Dunninger, after get-ing plenty in print for months on that invisible battleship idea finally got around to giving it to the Government end gamered more space. Ire demonstrated it by showing the model setting on

At left, is shown a model of a ship. At right, the same ship is still there, only you can't see it because of an optical illusion. The model ship was designed by Joseph Dunninger, who claims he can make battleships invisible bevond 200

yards. If you look closely, you might make out the suggestion of gun turrets and other superstructure in photograph at right. The straight line which photographs black appears silvery to the ere.

tne water in a box. Shewing a bacK oase he said it contained the material for the illusion. The unoffical observers turned their backs for a moment and when they looked again the battleship was gone except for p. "thin silver streak climbing the artifical bky in the background." 7/e append a couple of photos for the scientific magi readers. Someone was mean enough to whisper that the case was empty and he had merely picked up the ship and put it inside, but that was just ignorant chatter by uncientific people who never heard of the dark mirrors they used to use in speakeasy doors. --- Disallusionment

Page in print: Advert. Popular Photography - Trade $60 Tarbell Magic Course for Reflex or 2.5 miniature. R. Evans, 529 - 6th Ave., Brooklyn, I7.Y.

For many y.ears Miss Edith Cox was a too, too valuable accessory around Thayer's emporium of magic. Couldn't someone have congratulated her on the recent marriage? 7/e do, and we're glad you're still on the job, for a while at least. — That dodge of Stuart Robson's that we gave in No. 64 issue can be made up easily at home for those who like to have a pocket trick on hand. Just paint the match stick with sugar of lead from the back towards the head, leaving untouched as much of the match as you want to bum. Then time your sleeve tlowing correctly.

--- And while on the subject of matches, Orville

Meyer takes umbrage at the liquid for painting of the shoe sole in order to light"safety matches there, and also more umbrage at the books which say to glue a piece of the box onto the instep. He insists that the real way is to remove the wire staple from a pack of paper matches. Throw the matches away and generously moisten the stirking portion with saliva. Let it soak for a minute. Press it against the instep and rub. This transfers the material onto the shoe where it dries and is effective for striking purposes for quite a while. The substance can thus be applied to furniture too.

Bob 7/e ill wrote us rerarding our talk about magic reviewers in general. We meant in general, too, and did not have anyone in mind. Most of that talk we used before the weekly Jinx reviews could.reach us so vie aren't mad at anyone either. Bob says that when he digs up history on a trick it isn't to deprecate a modern fellow's version, but because magicians at large are always hollering for something new yet when an idea is new they pass it over and wait for someone else to do it. Bob says I should know how many good tricks are passed up in The Jinx and when, a couple of years later, someone does one at a meeting or show, everybody wants it. Bob's idea is to tell them where it came from and show them that they were asleep. He is sure that only by showing where good material has been passed by, the average reader can be educated into looking for and seeking out the worthwhile stuff themselves and be the first to get the good out of it in their territory.

We recently told of Dariel Fitzkee touring the west coast cities with a complete mystery show made up of the available boys out there. They played San Francisco to much fanfare and advertising and our report was full houses for the week. Maybe it will spur on some of the easterners if we lay out the program.

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