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Take a piece of metal about the size and weight of a half dollar. Around it sew a piece of silk to match the 30 inch square silk handkerchief that you intend to use. Sew this covered weight to a corner of the large silk about two and one-haIf inches from the edge. In the illustration the black corner is without the weight and the shaded corner is the weighted section.

Produce the silk magically, or naturally from your pocket. Hold it by the weighted tip and bring up the opposite corner. Place both corners between THE TIPS of your left second and third fingers. See Illustration 1. Hold the center of the silk with your right hand as shown in the sketch. The left palm is facing floor. The weighted end of the silk passes UNDER your first finger and thumb while the other end passes OVER them.

Give the left hand a twist towards your body. Bring the palm face up with the weighted end of the silk twisted In the form of a loon around your left thumb and forefinger. See illustration 2.

Spread your thumb and forefinger apart in order to open the loop wide. Bend your second and third fingers into this loop, and grasp both ends of the silk between the thumb and fir3t finger. To get them through the loop, pull very

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slightly on the center of the silk with your right hand. If the silk was held as in illustration 1, pull on the side which passes through your right fist between the thumb and first finger. Do not pull too hard on the silk because a loose knot is necessary in this effect. In pulling the silk see that the loop falls past the weight, forming a loose knot under the weighted tip. Let the weighted end drop and fall on the outside of the knot. See illustration 3.

The not will slide down about six or seven Inches. Jerk a silk up an down and the knot will slide down and untie itself when it reaches the bottom. As soon as the knot unties grasp one of the corners now at center of silk with your right hand. Let the end in left hand drop and then pull the silk over left palm until the weight Is in It. Drop the end in your right hand and the silk looks natural and unprepared. Just a few trials will give you the right angles and practise for making the knot just right for the sliding and untying in an easy but sure manner.

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