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Of all the card setups, this Is the ONL1 one of its kind that will permit a variety of games without any hesitation, and with but the one arrangement, it Isn't necessary for one to be an expert false shuffler or cutter, but it helps If you know at least one of each. It is perfect for the nightclub, and for close up table work anywhere. Carry an extra deck in your pocket and always be ready. Or, write the setup on a card, and you can always take time out and set up one of the house decks.

Explain each game as you go along to make it Interesting. Also save it for your last number and then quit after doing it. Don't attempt to show how clever you are by second dealing,and exposing. Some magicians run through a beautiful routine of tricks, and then start showing off how well they can do this sleight or that. The result is that, the audience who has given the performer up to now credit for enormous and superhuman skill, sits back with the thought that it must be accomplished by such sleights as are being shown, and that they look easy - for doesn't each performer TRY to make the most difficult manipulations look easy?

SETUP — (x marks can be any card) x-x-x-spade - AH - 8S - spade -x-x- KH -x- 8C -x-x-QH -x-x- 8H -x- JH -x- 10S - AD - spade - 10H spade - spade -x-x-x- spade -x-x-x- spade -x-x-x-spade -x-x-x- spade -x-x-x- apade -x-x-x- spade -x.

ROUTINE — Personally I use the V type shuffle when doing floor work where I must deal the cards on sin easel, as this type of shuffle lends Itself admirably for the purpose. When closeup, at a table, I alternate between the V type and the pull through, and suggest studying Jack Merlin's first Mss. of his series "Master Manipulations" for a deceptive, pull through shuffle. Victor Farelli's first "Cai"d Magic" book Is also valuable for the one who wants to get as much as possible out of this routine.

I use Bee back cards, 67 Club Special in the blue. I .do a little ordinary work with a deck, and exchange it under some pretext or other for the cold deck. Now I mention casually that card tricks are very good for entertainment's sake, but there are so many of them that I could continue all night without repeating one. I go on to say that probably they have seen many magicians do the same thing, but how many have actually witnessed a demonstration of gambler's methods?

"For instance, suppose I shuffle the deck a bit, and give it a cut. Now if you were sitting in a friendly game, say five of us playing, and you saw someone shuffle the deck as I did, pass it over to be cut also, you would think nothing of it. But that would be just where you would be making your mistake, because in the short time it takes to riffle the deck, I have located and placed into position a hand that would take everything on the board. See for yourselves I"

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