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W. slipped last month, It seems, and the result was an extraordinary lasue that contained three exceptionally well plaudited tricks out of four. Looking for one well received mystery has been our practice. When two turn up we growl with'glee. When three slip through we are astonished _ but try to be nonchalant. What the result will he when all four click with everyone X can't say — yet.

The foregoing paragraph is no doubt the result of spring feeling. When this copy gets in the mail box, we'll be home In Waverly, N.Y. for the first time in fourteen months, and the thoughts of that vacation (From what? Ed.) are affecting all chat we do or write at the moment.

That "Restless Cards" effect in Jinx No. 31 was really mine and not "lifted." It first appeared in the Seven Circles nag for Deoember, 1931 after I had shown it personally to Walter Gibson who gave me credit. It1* a good trlok, and I republished It because I didn't want it lost. I didn't know that Walter put It in Black-■ton'es book without oredlt. Few know that Gibson "ghosted" Thurston's and Blackstone's writings for many years.

Stewart James' Tip-See Milk Bottle Trick la one of the cleverest and cutest things in a long time. Abott is the manufacturer and sells dealers at a 40% dlaoount on the $1 retail price, paying Stewart a straight royalty on the Idea. A New fork bom Is making the gimmloks up and selling to dealers for a quarter each. I «as in one man's shop when he flatly turned the fellow down and said he'd play square with the originator even if it did cost him 35 cents more on each sale. This, despite the fact that the bootlegger named praotlcally every other N.T. dealer as having bought from him I What price originality T And falrnesa to inventorsT

At the Bamberg show, one of those incessant loud mouths was behind me and blabbed explanations of everything to two strangers beside him. He told them how much apparatus he owned, and how everything presented was old stuff to Mm. Even during the intermission he was showing («1th a pack of business cards) how David made the correct eard be selected. The paper tearing was "a ten cent trick with larger sheets)1 the rope trick was "screw gimmick« to hold the pleoes together" and "I use the same talk, tooj" the swinging pendulum "the old sawing through a woman;" but the payoff oraok was about the substitution trunk, "I have one of those. It cost me #250, BUT MINE IS NICSBL PLATEDI" This paragraph is to inform the crackpot that the oandid earner« man with me, who was moving around and snapping the whole show, took a perfect shot of him la his seat so I could find out «ho he «as I I'll send him as 8x10 print if he'll «rite for It, for at present the picture «1th his name and address on back is being shown all ooners as the first example of a loose-tonsiled exposer in aotlon.

InclusiveI David Bamberg doesn't like being tossed around by U.S. bookers and plans leaving country about August. — That Seagram's Hind-reading triok used mm a throw-a-way was figured out by Dal Vernon who split $250 with Sam Margu-les «ho sold the idea.

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