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Kindly note: Starting immediately, all back numbers of The Jinx will cost twenty-five cents each, and not be available at the subscription rate of five for a dollar as heretofore. The subscription rate will apply only to advance orders. This is necessary because of the scarcity of copies, and also because no other regular periodical will supply back issues at the subscription nrice.

U.P.Grant opened his Hew York place at 327 West 42nd Street on March 1st. Only a block and a half from Times Square, he has located in 2200 square feet of space, with a v.ery effectively tiled scheme of decoration toppec off by a large fireplace and center floor founti in. It is an ideal setting for a magic shop, and the fact that "Gen" has taken a five year lease on the place shows that he knows it. iind that i>92 order from a N.Y. nltery performer on the first day goes to 3how the faith people have in Grant and his ideas.

That Gravatt piracy, called the Encyclopedia of Card Trciks, will be reprinted in type and book form . Ho less than four dealers and individuals are trying to beat each other. However, I'll wager that Holden's edition will be the first and best. I just goes to prove, though, that if a thing sells, the dealers will vend it to a fare-thee-well, regardless of ethics. However, Max is the first to actually get written permission from the conceivers of the effects. It would have hurt Gravatt's conscience to do a thing like that. Or perhaps he knew he couldn't. Or maybe he needed the money, and didn't have time to think up any tricks of his own before the sheriff came around.

Burling Hull swore (and wasted a full Jinx page in No.25) that he had nothing to do with the Fairplay edition of the above encyclopedia; the pirated version of the original piracy, of which only one out of five volumes was produced. Did he accidently show a Hew York dealer the typed and arranged copy for the second volume, or doesn't he give a hoot what magi think?

I hope the I.B.M. runs as smoothly,now that "Uncle Bill" has passed on, as it did wheiv he had the reins. John Davison has moved up to the presidency, and Dr. Kenneth H Sheelor has been appointed Editor of the Linging Ring. John should make an excellent president, and I know all the boys will be for him. However, the High Point Convention this year, will tell the story of how the I.B.M. is standing the worst shock of Its history.

The two programmes given in this issue are a direct result of Max Holden's muchly praised publication of "Magician's Programmes". The book has been received as a very necessary adjunct to one's library of "active" literature. From time to time I'll print programmes of this one and that one, and such programmes will be authentic, up to date, and in exactly the order as presented on the occasion when reviewed. The exact ' order of presentation is the most important point.

Incidentally, Glen Pope's sister has returned to these shores and is back in the act. The story of her marriage to Tommy (T. Bradley, if you wish) Martin in Europe turned out to be but a bit more than a rumor.---Tom Bowyer is losing his sense of humor, or at least his appreciation of irony. After witnessing an exhibition of Mogul in Toronto, he was "irked" because it was "as he feared" only the torn out center gag of reading a billet. Tom wrote "and he played 14 weeks at the N.Y. Paramount with that, eh?" I've said it many a

Page time before, and no doubt will say it ?i?ain, but every day someone is taklnjr some trick or effect that has been kicked around, and making a name with it. When fellows come to me and "knock" the act of someone else, there's only one answer. I ask, "Well, they're working, aren't they? Are you?"

Howard Brooks, the i.agical Chatterbox, talked himself out of a four week contract at the liac-Fadden-Deauvllle in l.'.iami Beach so he could play one week at Ira's Supper Club for v/hat it would have taken three weeks at the M-D to earn, ,/ith magicians down there looking for work, Brooks had to fight to get out of four weeks I I was with him when he booked Ira's, and still along when he was sweating to get out from under the other. He'll never have his name on two contracts again!

Galli-Galli is also in the south, but seems to have mixed himself up a bit. The tollowlns clip came from the Llaml Herald for February 9th.

O^U-O.111, m&ffLclia (and I bop. epelled hi* n.m. wrong). «1-|h promlied and billed In »di, would not .ppetr it the Pre.1-Birthday B.ll until be wu paid

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