Torn And Restored Card Trick Using A Tray



Almost everyone has tried out a torn card trick. Invariably, the performer underestimates the mentality of his audience, to the extent that he thinks they think the pieces unite again in a solid piece. Regardless of opinions, it's an absolute fallacy, because the modern audience, different from that of Merlin's time, KNOWS that a magus is CLEVER rather than SUPERNATURAL. And It would take a supernatural power to actually renew the card. On the other hand, the performer can perform to a natural climax and receive credit for cleverness. None other than P.T.Selblt, possibly the greatest of modern illusion creators, once said that if a trick were produced that had no conceivable solution, it wouldn't be worth a dime as a mystery.Audiences want to think and figure out how a trick may be done. All of which is a prelhde to a torn card trick, radically different in climax.

Shuffling the cards (as usual), one is selected (still as usual), and the selector Is asked to tear the card in four quarters (not so different yet). Spectator is given an elastic band to secure the four pieces. Taking the banded packet, you have another wrap it in a piece of paper, but before this, one quarter is kept out for later identification. At this point,and with very little comment,you show a roll of adhesive tape. Just make the remark that the only way to mend torn pieces is with something like that, and place it in view. Approach the person holding wrapped packet, and have him put it on an ash tray or plate. Now light a match and touch it to paper package. A glorious flash of flame appears. Ask spectator to show everybody the remains. The three pieces are shown to be restored WITH ADHESIVE TAPE I At once you have the selector of the card, who holds the left out quarter, match It with the materially restored card, in order to prove it the same card that was torn apart (that's different)!1 I I I 1 I I 1 11!I

The preparation consists of taking a duplicate card and tearing it in four quarters. Now take three of these as In the larger illustration, and fasten together with half or three-quarter inch tape, one piece on the face and one on the back. Fold No. 1 over on top of No. 2 and No. 3 is bent under. The separate piece is laid face out on the side 3. Snap a rubber band around all. Put this in your left trouser pocket. In another pocket Is a four inch square piece of flash paper, matches, and a roll of tape. Force the right card (or did you know that?).While being torn and banded, secure your packet in left hand. Take packet from spectator In right, turn towards left, and merely pretend to put it in left hand which gives it to another. Give him paper, and then, as an afterthought, slide the index (and loose) corner out while spectator has the packet. Give it to selector as packet is wrapped. Produce tape and place in view. Now burn the flash paper. Spectator opens card restored by use of tape. The selector matches his piece. ------— You've done something.

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