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The thumb immediately slides the top card straight forward, see Pig. 3, while the forefinger presses inward on the end of deck and prevents more than one card from sliding out. You must use a back design with a white margin, of course. Now, while the spectator is looking at his card and showing it to the others you turn your back so as not to see, and take this opportunity to turn the left hand portion of deck right side up and replace the top half.

As for the red card, ┬┐it the start of the effect you have it face up and third from the bottom of the deck. The two cards below are also face up and the bottom one is the blue-backed duplicate of the red one. After the bottom card is forced, the indifferent face up card is turned facing the right way and placed on top of the pack, leaving the red card still face up and now on the bottom. Spectator cuts deck,the same way as in the force, places his card on the right hand pile and puts the left hand pile on that.

The performer immediately fans deck and finds the face up (red backed) card. He cuts deck at this point and gives red backed card to spectator to hold. It'3 blue backed duplicate is now on top of deck and ready to be palmed off. Throw down deck and get a new one from your pocket, leaving the palmed card behind.

When you try this on a magician start with the red card third from the bottom, then a double backed card and then the blue backed duplicate of the red backed card. Immediately he has the forced card in his hands, give him the deck, have him put his card on top and cut. Then let him fan the deck and find his card face up!


Answer: And don't think it isn't good because it's simple. The needle only appears to have come off the thread, actually it does no 3uch thing. It goes Inside the cigarette, and stays there 1 The needle can be worked some distance in out of sight by telescoping the cigarette, gripping the needle through the cigarette and smoothing out the cigarette again. Just make sure that the thread Is not twisted around the needle. Let spectator pull camel and button out through the paper, and get a second needle from the inside edge of your coat sleeve. After they have had a good look, slide cigarette off thread and light It. After smoking it for a puff or so, you can proceed to vanish it. This effect is always remembered; it's different.

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