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Here is a nice card effect for club programs and one that will be found different from the usual run of card tricks. The performer has at hand a deck of cards, a ticket punch, and a two yard length of half inch ribbon threaded to a large darning needle.

A spectator freely selects a card and the performer hands him the ticket punch with the request that he punch a hole near one of the four corners. The card is now returned to center of deck and shuffled. Picking a card from top of the deck, the performer shows it to audience and says he knows this can't be the selected pasteboard because there is no hole in it. Likewise the next card is shown and the same thing said. However, the performer continues, with the assistance of two cards he will be able to locate the selected one in a novel manner. Taking the punch, the performer puts a hole in a corner of each card, and handing one end of the ribbon to spectator, then threads the two cards shown onto the ribbon about a foot apart. Either two spectators now hold the ends of ribbon, or the one person can do it.

Performer now covers the two dangling cards with a large handkerchief. Taking the deck he calls attention to the fact that the selected card is still lost, but will make itself quite evident as soon as it finds out what a good time the two are having on the ribbon. Holding the deck up under the handkerchief it is given several riffles and the handkerchief whipped away. On the ribbon, and dangling BETWEEN the two original cards is the selected pasteboard.! And everything can be examined a3 there is nothing to find!

I think that because of it3 simplicity and effectiveness this item will find a spot In a good many programs. Everything is unprepared except one card in the deck which has its back touched up with spot3 of diachylon (lead plaster) in the corners, the middle of the sides , and in the upper center and lower center. This card Is on top of deck to start.

One card is first freely selected from pack. It is also very effective to have spectator write hJ his name across the face of it to begin with, and then hand him the punch. He puts a hole in any one of the corners, about a half inch in being best. Undercutting the lower half of deck, the performer has the card returned to top half and upon this drops the under half. The selected card is thus stuck to the back of the original top card. Knowing its approximate location, an overhand shuffle brings it close to the top. Spreading a few of the top cards of the face down pack, the performer with left thumb can almost at once 'catch' the double card and this 13 the first to be shown face out. There is no hole In It, which is a convincing detail. It Is tossed to table face up (on the back of It is stuck the selected card) and. another card selected and shown in the same manner. Now the deck is laid dov/n and the two cards picked up and holes punched in them.

In the double card, the hole is punched so as to coincide with the hole in the rear card. The two cards are now tlireaded onto the ribbon, the double one going first and face out, followed by the other and unprepared card. Thus the rear card of the 3tuck together pair is between the two on the ribbon.

Have the ends of ribbon held. The two cards dangling freely is very convincing, and no one ever has a thought that they aren't what they seem to be. Covering ribbon and cards with a handkerchief, the performer puts the deck underneath and riffles It several times with one hand while the other separates the two by pinching and sliding them apart until they break. The rear card is then left at center for the climax.

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