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You hand a man a deck of cards. He stands in front of the audience and holds them faoe aown behind his back. You tell him to remove any card from within the deck, keep his eyes tightly closed, and while thus incapacitated bring the card around, still with Its back to the audience, touch it to his forehead for a second and then put it safely into his back pocket.

He can't (and doesn't) know what it is. You can't possibly read his mind because of that. And yet, after he opens his eyes, you tell him to pick out any person in the front row of those watching and ask him to name a oard. THAT PERSON NAMES THE CARD HE HAS IN HIS POCKETI

Aptly named, this effect Is one of those ideas to be kept in the mind for the wise guy who always seems to pop up. Just before handing the deck to this ever present type of obnoxious personality, simply reverse the top and bottom cards. Following your directions as given above he provides the whole audience (let alone the front row) with the name of the card he has chosen for upon putting it to his forehead (while his eyes are closed) IT IS FACING THE AUDIENCE AND THEY ALL BECOME AWAKE OF ITS IDENTITY. He then puts It into his pocket from where it is subsequently removed much to his discomfiture.

Strictly a catch gag, this maneuvre was put across before a magician's meeting, where I was the malefactor, and gained enough of a combined belly laugh to warrant its publication for the the use of the elite of the magic world. Hence The Jinx.

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