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6 a "no card" mystery act

6 a "no card" mystery act

The number of coins to be passed is immaterial and may be left up to the performer. He can also make a certain number travel or force the number as desired. The feature of this effect is Mr. Fischer's clever method for noiselessly stealing the coins at the start.

Otis Manning

Effect: The magician has just finished an effect wherein he has a borrowed handkerchief. He is about to return it when he pauses and states that he will do one more stunt in which the handkerchief plays an important part. "This effect," says the great whosit, "is my famous vanishing nickle." He starts searching through his pockets for a nickle (?) but finds that they are as scarce as the tips he has received that evening. Borrowing a nickle, the penniless magus puts it under the handkerchief which has been draped over the hand all this time, and upon saying the magic words, "One cent—two cents—three cents— four cents—and five cents," the handkerchief is whisked off the hand and in place of the nickle is found an ice cream cone! It is presented to the spectator who loaned the nickle as an even trade.

Operation: The main confession is that the cone is a real one but is topped with an imitation rubber ice cream cake obtainable at novelty stores. At a distance of three feet it appears real in every way upon production.

no card" mystery act 7

Put the cone in the left lower vest pocket. The steal at this point is practically the same as for the popular wine glass production. The handkerchief is over the left hand while the right searches the right vest and trouser pockets, ending with the lower left pocket which brings the right hand under or back of the handkerchief whereupon the cone is removed to under the handkerchief and the right hand now has the handkerchief draped over it while the left hand continues the search in the left pockets. Borrow a nickle in the left hand, put it under the handkerchief, and whip the handkerchief away after dropping the coin into the right sleeve. Hand the cone to the donor of the coin and by dropping the right arm the nickle drops in your hand to be returned if you feel in the mood.

Editor's note: Mr. Manning has an extremely cute idea in this effect. He has used it constantly for night club work and the fact that the reporters and reviewers have given it mention is proof that it is effective. With these cones, and in a typical club, only a very few near the spectator getting it will ever know that the ice cream is not real.

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