Magicians Good Ad For Tacoma

Tar na received reams of publicity as result of the recent of them in the more than 850 pro-' magicians' show according to Ray fesslonal performances he has [ Gambia, president of the Tacoma given. He doos not Include the; organization, which sponosred the trick, however, la all his programs, j event.

Spirit Painting In " story regarding the use of Even more rare In the repertoire i magic Gamble proposed that it be of magiclane is Wagner's spirit I taught In the public schools. This painting, an enigmatical number j !to"' was «nt out ever the Astbat has made him widely known | sociated Press and brought Gamble throughout th« profession Wagner * maU t>ck ful1 oi "wills the only active natglcian now Twelve ministers took the trouble doing the number, the only other | to write Gamble, painting him as an person sharing the secret having j emmisary of the devil and worse, retired from the, stage while others commended his plan Pew tricks have so deeply im-! keeping the youth of the land pressed and mystified audiences as. 'nsterMWd In Innocent Pastimes, the spirit painting, in It Wagner, Jne of the letters approving.the makes a picture of an individual «"»a*™ £ take shape slowly on a blank fram- New York City. while the ed canvaas set up In lull view of I distribution of the letters. Pro end the audience. The most pussllng : eon. showed newspapers miut have phaae of the nimAer la tlMt the Printed the story with the Tacoma subject of the picture is chosen by; ??'" ll"e. ? *"Uon -the audience. , United States,_,_,. -


April 25, 1936

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