Magician Wanted

'TH sue you for this!"

Here's the germ of an idea for some smart magus. A newsclip tells of a Missouri carnival being closed for gambling, live rats were used in a variation of the shell game. The sheriff reported that a rat was put under one of three coconut shells on a table and the shells moved around. By the time a player had pointed out a shell the rat had crawled through a hole over which the shell was slid. Heres a chance for someone to write a treatise on '"White Mice Magic" and include the care and handling of the pet rodents.

And did you hear about the seance attended by a mourning husband who wanted the medium to materialize his wife? "Your wife sends word she won't be here," crys-talized Zingo, "She hasn't a thing to wear." Gabbatha.'J —__,>...<■■■--

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