Magician Rival Of Santa Claus

at Children's Home, cigar "»ftpped"7rom "its ^holder*''and Noted Prestidigitators dropped in the midst of the group Gather Historic Exhibits below. Instantly, there were cries DEARBORN. Mich., April 8 (UPh-

that an Invader had penetrated the Henry Pord soon will open part of hla South _

mysteries of the temple The eighty iamous Greenfield Village museum whenever gavaees get too risky. He , R1 ar\ stone "Entertain*

wives flung themselves face down on to magicians, their tricks and their has lie *vi worked out a nice Dl ^"«riainS

the floor, for their faces were un- apparatus. Himself one of Americ.s J1.»?: n« ^¿L I!Sin.nd w.v!

veiled. Soldiers with drawn swords 300.000 amateur magicians, he baa llU,c acl w',h P1* *nd wav rushed up the stairs. Thurston, real- flsked Howard Thurston, Blackstona Ing of wand*.

lzing his peril, ran toward the sol- and other masters of Illusion to help Then he puts a bit of carbide into dicrs with a hand upraised in his him assemble a museum of magic. nome water. It boils. As it boils favorite gesture. The soldiers halted. Pord feels that the art Is slowly amj the Indians arc watching it. he t"vranced * *nd toey , whips out a bit of metallic sodium, treated. ; to the tricks of the prestidigitators. m«vM a twrfectlv swell ¿x-

By Sheer force of personality and And his aim Is to offer a permanent T™. „^.ki^yi determination of manner, Thurston home for the record of iu develop- plosion followed by a blue flame made the soldiers back down the , ment from Biblical days down to the that ought to knock any Indian s

stairs. Once in the temple proper he ! preaent era.

made a gesture In the air and a colored silk handkerchief appeared In his hand. Then It disappeared. He cried: "Mc, Thurston—great magician— American—your friend." And then stalked solemnly through the ranka of wives, soldiers and priests out to the street and safety.

Fooled Indian With Gold Pieres !

Back in the western hemisphere some months later the adventurous magician paused at an Indian camp. In the Rocky Mountains. To the delight of the assembled braves he made three «20 gold pieces materialize In eye out.

When Mr. Baumann Is through, Mr. Roosevelt will pull an egg ou: of the chiefs mouth and a rabbit

Thurston has been kind enough to offer his help in assembling ths ollection," said Ernest O. Llebold.

secretary to Pord. "Pord thinks svsry ,„

American boy-and a lot of adults— out of the queens ear.

are keenly interested in nagle, and ---*

that such a section in Graenfield Village would be oi unusual value."

The collection will include original manuscripts of such men as Herman the Greet. Harry Houdinl, Keller. Thurston, Blsckstone and others.

We exoect to get guards of honor, instead of poisoned arrows," Mr. Baumann said cheerily.

Explorers Msst Eat

Mr. Baumann scouted the quaint

A white rabbit named Jack j dined on carrots, cabbage and let- < tuce at the Dea Moines Children's1 home, 2010 High at., Monday night after being discovered unexpectedly under a small boy's coat collar.

Discoverer of the rabbit was Blacks tone, trickster extraordinary. who demonstrated his magic at the home Monday afternoon.

Second to Christmas.

For 46 boys and girl« (ages 4 to 15> the event waa second only to Christmas, and possibly the last day of school.

„.«„_„„_. ___ Herded Into the parlor by Mrs.

Actual equipment used for iamous notion, however, that he snd Mr.|M„drcd jr„nK,ni „„prrinlendcnt, tricks will be uaemDle«. an, other Roosevelt »ere going to crchew |thc children beheld an urbane,

VcÄi^'LS ¿T «-"'•on ,hc'r "Thc ¡if1»' '•»'" VJO.^1 to pluck uacript«, you know. Mr. B.iumann said. Ex-¡playing cards from thc Cfcan-

delier, handkerchiefs from little girls' ears and a whole clothesline full of miniature clothes from a boy's shirt. '

Moatlis Open.

Mouths open, eyes shining, the children watched Blackatone perform for half an hour. When the rabbit materialized, pink-eyed and soft, the children jumped up and down laughing.

Then Blackstone carefully wrapped the rabbit in an old newspaper and handed him to Howard Sims. 4.

"Unwrap him, Howard!" shouted the other children.

Near Tears.

Howard, near tears with excitement and not Just Aire he wanted to find a wiggling, live rabbit, gingerly unwrapped the paper and was relieved to find a box of candy

Magic Rabbit Thrills Children

Disappointed children turned downcast faces to Blackstone, who promptly produced the rabbit, gave it to all the children.

While the rabbit nibbled his dinner, sniffed at his hastily built orange-crate borne, the children were busy until bedtime playing "Blackstone" with coins, cards and handkerchiefs.

Redder Staff Photo.

A banquet if carrots and cabbage was the reward of Jack, a rabbit, for neing pulled from under the coat collar of a boy at the Pea Moines Children's home Monday by Blackstone, master magician.

New York Sun, April 14, 1936\

Redder Staff Photo.

A banquet if carrots and cabbage was the reward of Jack, a rabbit, for neing pulled from under the coat collar of a boy at the Pea Moines Children's home Monday by Blackstone, master magician.

Awaits Sign From Thurston

Fellow Magician Tell« in the Bronx of Plan to Prove Immortality.

Dunninger, the magician, is waiting for the late Howard Thurston, the magician, to reappear in some form or other in his apartment at 860 Caldwell avenue, the Bronx, and throw a small gray-green Egyptian idol at him as proof of life after death. Thurston died yesterday in Miami, Fla., and up to now the idol hanging on .Dun-ningerjs wall is still intact.

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