Magic At Morosco

Dante Returns to Broadway With Tricks Galore.

Dante, the magician, is back on Broadway again after sn absence of thirteen years, and that's good news today for lovers of those tricks that are just a little quicker than the eye. He arrived at the Morosco Theater last evening and he calls his show "Sim Sala Bim which In Dante's native Danish means, the program assures "Thanks to You." As to be expected he is most of the show, but he has a company of thirty-five with him including Mot Yo Miller and her mystery girl troupe.

These feats of magic include an amazing quick change of couples wrapped up in separate bundles a bare stage, a magical beer keg that helped shake the thirst of at least part of the audience, a hilarious rehearsal of one of the regular cabinct acts, a mysterious floating globe, and a new mystery illusion called Stratosphere, all in a list that is too long to give in detail. In fact, ¡f it's magic you like, here's your banquet.

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