Local Magician Has Rare Tricks

Wagner to Include Many in Show Here Friday

| The gadget behind the mystifying | trick of shooting a handkerchief • into an ordinary electric light bulb j without breaking the bulb, one of [the numbers William Wagner has ¡selected for his benefit performance I here Friday night, is the only dup (Hcate of the original in existence ! The trick was invented by an '.Englishman who passed it on to the ' late Howard Thurston. Quick to see jits commercial use, Thurston shap-* ,ed it for public showing and made <a duplicate. He kept the original, | now part of his estate, and made (Wagner a present of the duplicate. I Coming as it did from the greatest magician of his time, the dup^'gram in the Palace vi Entertain ¡licate Is Wagner's most cherished | ment Sunday at 3 pan. He is an possession. In executing this nun»-!®«'"' Conjnares" club of ber Wagner uses a revolver, a hand- j ^ ¿¡¡1B5ES

kerchief and an elect He light buib.j* J££ With an unaltered buH> sitting on I accomplished magicians. Mrs. Hara table In full view of the audience, ry Hnodini wm be a guest nf hi-'>r. Wagner walks into an aisle and; "1 /T.7 Jstuffing a gay kerchief into the re-J^aCOma ( Wash) volver, fires it into the bulb without damaging the bulb. And then Just to show that he \t not stooping to trickery he breaks the bulb | and takes out the kerchief. j

I The bulb, of course, is no good i I after that. Wagner has a standing ¡order with a local electrical store! rtor bulbs. He has used hundreds?

Lyle Laughlin, known on the stage as Carl-lyle, will be master of ceremonies at the Magicians' day pro-
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