Letter Of Hope

to It

The letter which follows has been mailed stockholders in The Sphinx Corporation, speaks for Itself.

October 4, 1940

I wish to interest myself in The Sphinx Corporation to an extent which will provide me with not less than 51% of all outstanding shares.

For all such shares as have been issued by that corporation I am prepared to pay four thousand dollars (#4000.00) cash.

For not less than 51% of all shares Issued to date I will pay pro rata for the transfer of such shares to my name.

I tinders tand that you are a stockholder in The Sphinx Corporation. Would you sell to me, provided the desire stated in the last paragraph oan be fulfilled, your part end interest in The Sphinx Corporation without reservations?

An immediate answer will be appreciated. I will be glad to further inform you of the alms and Intentions for a continuance of the "-orId's oldest magioal magazine.

Sincerely yours (signed)

While there are many tubes and boxes for the puroose of appearing, changing, and vanishing handkerchiefs, this easily constructed tube will be found compact and a device of untold uses. The extremely simple mechanical detail can hardly get out of older and the tube may be picked up at any time during your performance to serve as a secret assistant.

It is approximately two and one-quarter inches in a diameter and about six inches long. Constructed of heavy tin or spun brass each cylinder should be made to fit the individual performer's hand, to be perfectly practical. Most such appliances are built without due regard for this fact, all of which results in a certain percentage of dissatisfied buyers.

There is little that can be written about the construction of the cylinder which the illustrations won't make very laraoontain«*"hinged into the side of the tube lets the "load" be manipulated either inside or out by the simple holding of the cylinder so that gravity does the rest. This "load" container reaches to about one inch of each end of the tube.

The second sketch shows how the tube can be turned with either end (depending upon which hand at the moment holds it) towards the audience to allow a clear view through it. The easy way of handling the tube, after very little practice, makes it positively worthwhile.

The load is, of course, put inside the hinged container. It will be seen that when swung into the tube there remains ample room for the pushing through of silks to "prove" that nothing is inside. Then, at wish, handkerchiefs may be pushed into the load container to force others out, silks may be produced, or handkerchiefs inserted to eventually vafti'sh.

Suggestions for the use of this piece of apparatus will gladly be received, collected, and submitted to readers at a later date.

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From "A Matter of Policy", a political effect to appear here five years ago, comes this idea for a modern story. It seems very timely in English speaking countries as well as in South America.

Tell about Rep. Martin Dies and his Committee on TJnamerioan Activities. In other countries he may be substituted for an equivalent investigating group. Someone had the happy tbrought that if people In each community were lined up at random and every fifth person deported or confined, the country would be rid of fifth columnists. You shuffle a deck of oards and deal a face down re*» of ten on the table or floor. From left to right count, continuously, removing every fifth card to a face down pile. After five cards have been removed say that If the theory works the removed ones would consist only of blackshirts and black-guards, while those left in line would be only red-blooded Americans, Englishmen, or patriots. Then turn cards up to show five blacks removed leaving but five reds.

At start the color order of the deck's top 10 oards from top to face is - R-B-R-R-B-B-R-R-B-B. False dovetail shuffle leaving the top 10 intact, or overhand shuffle with faces of deck to audience, pulling bunches from center to be shuffled off on face, showing (?) the mixing.

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