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Hundreds of Magicians In Batavia — No Fooling

Second Greatest in World Found as 11th Annual Convention of Mystic Profession Opens—Which Is Unique Distinction


Timet sta/t Writer Copyright, lilt, by The Bulloie Timet

BATAVIA, June 10—Pretenders to the royal robes of the late Howard Thurston, Harry Houdlnl the Great Herman, et al, swarmed here today as the International Brotherhood of Magicians opened its 11th annual convention.

It was anybody's choice for the "greatest magician on earth" as several hundred professors of the brotherhood examined claptrap, collapsible cabinets, ventriloquists' dummies, and Chinese silk and paper—all tools of the trade J J . ... ,_,„,. , _________

—and prepared tor opening formal J-™»« JiSStS

business sessions this afternoon.

covered hmvever.^His^namHZ. ~

Millionaires, it seems, just love dancing all the time. They're eating magic up for fair.'"

Millionaires Love It That isn't all. Al Saal, who claims any number of lighted cigarets out of thin air, or some place, has found

Gwynne, onetime safety engineer for United States Steel, and now a ranking magician.


And today a brand new departure will be taken in finding new fields when Theodore Anneman one of the ycung stars of the game, puts on a hypnotizing stunt for a radio audience.

You might think that a little difficult to put over, and so does Mr. Anneman, who last night was biting his nails over the problems involved. The stunt will be performed before a Rochester luncheon club, but a radio audience will sit in,

"After all," said Mr. Anneman, "when thousands or millions of people watch baseball games over the radio, there is no reason why they can't see magic through the same ears."

Catches Bullet

This is the same young man who performs the hair-raising trick of getting himself shot with a high-powered 'rifle and catching the bul-¡let in his teeth. This is not a new i trick. It goes back to 1641, and sinoe j then, Mr. Anneman is proud to say, a round dozen men have died of it.

. „ _ . .___.. i He doesn't expect to die of it, "but our 5800 members, I have no doubt th neither did ^ others/> he ad.

there are aJew dozen more. [ mits. The first man who died (back

Wiluam M Durbin, who is presi- ¡in 1S41) didn.t reaU t m wlth the

difficulty in his crop that makes him scornful and apart from the brethren. He can't make up his mind about spiritualism,—the whipping boy of the magicians for years.

"I tell you I get things, and I don't know where I get them," said Mr. Gysel, picking open a burly padlock. "I get hunches. Darned II I know whet I do get. 1 don't understand it.

Maybe He's a Medium

"Sometimes I think maybe I'm a medium myself, but I know almost all mediums are fakes. All In this country, anyway."

Last night the vanguard of the magicians warmed up for the three-day sessions with an all-night party. Every evening this week, outstanding performers will do their stuff before the most appreciative audience in the country: the magicians themselves.

It seems that once magic gets into your blood, you're a gone goose, and a sucker for everybody else's tricks.

According to Gene Gordon, however, the craze is not contagious within the magician's household. Mr. Gordon, a full-time pro with a big bag of tricks, shook his head over this unfortunate situation.

"The worst audience any magician has," he groaned," is his own wife. Magic bores them to tears."

Tltlca (H.Y.) Observer Dispatch

Card Act Demonstrates Futility of Gambling

A card act which serves as a warning to men and women who have any desire to gamble has been originated In Utlca,

It will be presented before two national conventions shortly. Don B\ E. Fox, who is In charge of the act, announced today that it will be featured at th© Society of American Magicians convention in Springfield, Mass., Friday. On June 10 it will be shown before the International Brotherhood of Magicians at Batavia.

"How To Lose at Cards" is the title of the presentation which is given by Mr. Fox and a Mr. X. The identity of Mr. X Is not revealed for during the course of the act he discloses a series of tricks used by card sharps in gaining advantage over the other men In the game. While Mr. X is seated at a card table, rigged up with a larger mirror placed at an angle over the table so that the bands of the player can be seen from any part of the room, Mr. Fox gives a 40 minute lecture on various angles of the card game which is Illustrated by the player.

During the course of the lecture the "bug" is displayed. This Is a device placed under the table by the gambler to hide extra cards. The method of marking cards with a needle peg attached to the thumb, false cuts and shuffles and crooked style« of dealing including the second dealing and the dealing from the bottom are among the things shown as the tajik progresses.

Mr. FOX said that all tricks shown were first taught his partner by a card sharp who years ago rode the trains and made a living playing with unsuspecting ; victims. The purpose of the act Is to expose gambling tricks.

Claims to Be Second

"I claim to be second greatest," said Mr. Gwynne shyly, "and so far as I know, nobody else wants the honor.

"I know of at least 15 who admit being the greatest, and among (Continued on Page 12. Column 2)

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