Lee Seii

With his friends and audience surrounding him, performer introduces four little ivory balls (or perhaps cork), and very openly does prove that he has four only.

One of these is placed on top of the closed left fist, and three shown to remain in the right hand. Commanding one ball to pass from hand to hand, both are opened, and each shown to contain two balls. Again proving he has but four, two are placed on closed left fist and right shown to contain two likewise. Another pass is made, and left hand Is seen to contain three ball3, whilst the riaht only contains one. To conclude, three balls having been placed into left hand, and one shown to remain in right, all four mysteriously pass into left, and again both hands

To perform the experiment, the five balls are taken from a pocket with right hand, and one gripped between fingers, as explained above. Throwing four into left hand, and displaying them to company, one is secured between second and third fingers, and three tossed back into right,which is simultaneously turned to show four balls only. This hand-to-hand business is executed several times in order to convince the onlookers that no duplicates are used. No verbal attention, however, is drawn to the fact.

With four balls In right hand (and, of course, the duplicate concealed between left fingers), the left hand is closed and one of the four from right dropped on top of the fist.

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